Friday, January 30, 2009

A Beautiful Night

 Tonight is the best night I've ever witnessed. I am so astonished with how the stars arranged itself. The sky is so clear with stars glittering. The moon is so eye-captivating. The temperature is not so cold yet not irritating. The night is a picture of peace and tranquility which is the best moment to reminisce all the best moments you have in your entire life. I know you'll envy me for having this chance to witness this beautiful night. I know that my word is not enough to express how wonderful this night is. But one thing could say, you'll see the true beauty of nature at night.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nice Home I Wish

How important a house to a family? Well of course it is very essential and must be decent enough to live. Have you ever been into our house? Of course, you haven't. If you were able to be here, I am sure you'll wish you were never come here. The house is never comfortable at all. It really needs a lot of improvements, major improvements to be specific. I wish the lighting were properly designed. I wanted to have better kitchen sinks. Tables, chairs and furniture are properly arranged it should be. Ventilation is a problem also. If my parents never see or even feel how uncomfortable our house is, I'll do the job in making it one. It has been my goal ever since to refurbish our home. For I believe that a better home begets a better family relationship. Maybe one of the reasons why our family are not that close is because of a not that nice house. I really don't know, but it could be. If I will have my own family, I will make sure that I'll have a better shelter for us. A house that my future kids will be proud of and will never be ashamed or even hesitate to invite their friends for sleepovers or whatever it may be. Even if it is not that huge, as long as it is comfortable and decent enough to live in.

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Star Maker: A Disaster

Another sad news was reported over the television. 5 lives were lost, 36 people are injured and millions of properties were affected. A fireworks factory was burnt into ashes this morning in the city of Trece Martires in the province of Cavite. It is so heart-pinching that the people died are only ordinary workers in the factory who were just earning not even enough. Who are gonna be blamed, the local government or the owner itself? Personally, both parties shared the responsibility of course. But for me, the local government of the concern city must be blamed more. Why? It is their task to check whether the factory followed all the requirements and safety precautions to avoid this kind of unwanted event. Others may say, nobody has to be blamed for it was an accident. But I believe this accident wouldn't happen if all the measures have been followed in which I speculated have been not. I really hope that local governments in the Philippines must act vigorously in order to achieve a better local community. Free from fear, anxiety and worries. I believe that a better local government reflects a better nation.

How Important to Have Friends

We all want to be successful in the near future. And I believe, to achieve it is to indulge ourselves into business. Well, though it is not the expressway to grab our dreams. The chances are better that doing other alternatives. So the next goal that we set is how not to fail in our venture that we plan to be in. From an article that I've read, one of the important factors is to have affiliates.
Have you ever heard about super affiliate ? Personally, I do not even know it until somebody e-mailed me about this. If your curious or confused about it, try to google it. We need to have a lot of affiliates if we dreamt of being successful. And that is the importance of having friends. They're the best affiliate or company you'll ever have. So never be tired of collecting friends. And the truthfulness of friendship matters most. If you still couldn't puzzle out how important your friends are, try to hang-out alone.

An Unwanted Surprise

I'm stressed. Asking me why? Our teacher gave us this morning a surprise quiz.Yes, a quiz. I love surprises, who doesn't? But not this kind of. It could have been not a problem for me if I have studied our past lesson. But I was not able to do so.Yes it was my mistake, my very mistake. But I don't regret anything, even if I failed the quiz. I am fulfilled with the enjoyment that we've shared by my friends yesterday. Even if for others who don't understand me, who said that I was just wasting my time in strolling around getting nothing, I am not regretful. The unwanted surprise my teacher gave us this morning is a lesson that i must learn. As what they say, "Expect the unexpected."

Your Best Resort

We all want to live in comfort, not even thinking of what to wear, for you have a lot of them, what to eat for you can afford. That's the life that we all want to enjoy. Even I is wishing that the moment that I will have my own family, I will give them the comfort that they want. I will provide them their needs and even their wants. But not to the extent that I will spoil them for that becomes being irresponsible.To achieve the life that we all dream, we have to work for it. Yes, it isn't that easy. But if you will strive hard, it is not that far. Sometimes it is very inevitable that even if you work a lot, problems come across. When that moment comes, we sometimes lead to making decisions or agreeing on something even if it is not the rightful one. So we must consider those alternatives that can offer you a lot of benefits without compromising something. The best resort to consider is to have Cash Loans. This is one of the best resorts that most of us do. Well, it is not bad if you do it for a cause. And that cause is for your good and not for things that will bring you nothing. Anyway, you do the loan just to cover up your cash needs while your payday has not come yet. So, do not be afraid to have Cash Loans as long as you do it responsibly.

My Window Shopping

When opportunity comes, never hesitate to grab it.
Now that the fare from this city into our more urban neighboring city was decreased by half I must enjoy it. And I took it as an opportunity to visit the place and feel the urbanity that the city can offer. Even if my money is only enough for the fare, I still go. Anyway, I have friends with me to whom I can ask if I'll need. And yes, we went to different shopping centers, malls and restos. I was really kinda depressed for I am not able to buy what I want or even eat what my stomach dictates. My only defense mechanism is the thought that at least I've been there and I should enjoy the place. So I ended up enjoying myself with window shopping. The experience is incomparable for I enjoyed the time with my friends and it is something to cherish.

A Piece of History

Base on records and statistics, students feel bored and sleepy during their history classes. And I am pretty sure that we all experienced the same feeling. Why? It is because a history class is just like listening to tales, bedtime stories and fictions. Though it deals with reality, we feel like it's not that important to learn or remember. We sometimes take it for granted as if it doesn't serve any significance in today's time. For example who knows about holodomor? Maybe some still does remember, but I'm sure a lot can't fetch any memory about this piece of event in history. To give you a hint about this event, it is always associated with genocide or mass killing What caused the killing? Most of the people during that time, 1932-1933, experienced mass hunger in which the term "Golodomor" was defined. And for the whole story, you do your assignment. You should always remember that history is a part of our civilization. It can even lead us or give a hint to our fate in the future.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

At Last

It has been almost 2 years long when one of the important people in my life migrated overseas. The moment she left is very unforgettable. It was very uneasy. I was used to see her outside our door, knocking and lookin for me. But when she flew, it was very life changing. I have to adjust with what was left to me. Even if it is so shameful to admit, but I will, I cried for few days. I even talked alone. That's how we're so close. And that's how I missed her. Now that I've adjusted, she called. Yes, at last. The feeling was unexplainable. Maybe the moment that she called I'm facin in the mirror; the happiness is so hard to paint. It was indescribable. At last the communication is back again. I thought it would ease what I feel but it even worsen. I miss her even more. But what is important is she called. And I'll make sure that the communication will never be broken.

Best Investment in A Shaking Economy

The globe nowadays is faced with a lot of global economic issues. That's why we look for something that is worthy of our investment. Something that is worth buying and not just a waste of money. One of the world renowned market to invest is the Russian Stock Market. They have a very reputable name. So trust is a question no more. Though it is also affected with the current crisis, but it is not that hardly hit compared to any stock markets in the world. It still stand firm and unshakened. To those who wanna invest in a secured market, fear not to do so. Still a lot of markets that are capable of offering you a lot of benefits.

Monday, January 26, 2009

My Heart Cries

Have you ever tried crying while others are laughing that hard?

Let me share my experience in this pathetic world I have. One night after school, it has been my routine to wait for a jeepney in a café here in the city. That time I saw two kids, lying on the ground, with their bicycle loaded with trash stuffs. It was pretty obvious that they are really super tired from scavenging things to sell. Maybe that’s the only way that they could buy a pinch of bread. Very sad. I feel like my heart is forcing itself not to bleed though I really want to. What’s very irritating is that the crews of the café kept on banging something, I think they used pan, to awaken the kids. They even keep on laughing as if they looked at the kids as clown. They were very insensitive. What if they were the kids, what if they got tired, really tired, and somebody will keep on disturbing them. What would they feel? Very insensitive. If I were rich, I’ll adopt those kids and show them the right path that their parents weren’t able to do such.

Benefits of Mortgage

A lot of people nowadays look for a company that they feel much secure to do some transactions. They even look for a trustworthy one, in which they can transfer their ownership of their property for a period of time for a very worthy benefit. A lot of companies that say that they can offer the best but fail to meet the market expectations. I've read in a forum that talks about this mortgage matters. They've mentioned about Mortgage Leads. So, I got curious and end up goggling it. In their site, I was amazed with a long list of benefits that they offer to their customers. One that marked is that, you can save thousands of dollars in advertising and marketing costs. Isn't it amazing? I won't enumerate all the benefits that a company may enjoy because it is really too many to do so. So, if you look for something that is trustworthy enough for your property, always look for the company that could offer you a lot.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What's my collection?

What kind of items do you usually collect? Key chains, shoes, dress, books or post stamps? Why do you love collecting them? Does it make you feel better or satisfied if you see that your items grow bigger in number? It is too different in my case. I collect sad memories. Unjust, unfair, heart-pinching stories and songs, and pathetic faces. I love gathering them, but my heart cries when I see them. I feel like its the end of the world whenever my collection grows by one. Maybe you'll think that I'm so a freak, collecting pathetic items in this pathetic world. But I believe that my collection will unveil the world's eyes that there's no reason to celebrate each day, for we have brothers who are victims of unjust fate.

Take it Ezi

One of the necessities that one must provide in order to suffice in this world is Clothing . We work hard just to have enough money to be able to get up what we wanted. A lot of choices are made available for you to choose. Shopping malls, boutiques and garage sales are some of the most famous places to see if you want to do shopping. But if you don't have time to do so, online shopping is the best for you. All you need is an account and gotcha! your clothing needs is satisfied. So never worry if you don't have time to shop, do it online.

Life: How You Live It?

They say that how miserable or happy your life depends on how you steward it. I believe that it's so true. Its all about your options and the choices you made. I feel to be an "emo" or emotional because I chose to be. Well of course choices are made because of some factors that pushed us to do so. Like today, I feel bad because somebody pushed me to be. A piece of an advice from me, if you wanna be happy with your life, drive yourself to something that could bring you happiness. Hahay life.

Face Your Fear

I am afraid!
We all have something that we're really afraid of. It could be triggered because of your negative experiences. Or it could just simply because of your very wild imagination. I may not look frightened, but the truth is, I am. I always look for something that I feel very challenging. Something that I feel could lift my spirit out of my body. I look for stories, those frightening one. Watch spooky movies to. I also read freaky stories like The Occult . In this way, I could test my limitation when it comes to this. Yes, the truth is I am afraid. But being afraid, I believe, will not make you less than a man. It is just a declaration that you reach your limitation. This is an act of being a true man. So why run from your fears? Face it and tell the world how brave you are.

Five Minutes to Midnight

It has been a very long day for me. A lot of stressing activities I've met. But still I am here. Got nothing to say. I've been thinking of things that I feel will relieve the pain, the stress, the depression that i have inside. My friends know me as a happy one. Bubbly indeed. Yes I smile a lot. But this smile is just a mask that I use to conceal the pain that I hide. I wanna fit in. Right at this moment I am listening to my favorite band, playing my favorite song. In a way, I am relieved. But the moment this song will end, I dunno if it'll still be okay. I wanna wait the time. I wanna end this post five minutes to midnight. For this time, I believe the best time to free myself from all the anxieties, worries and problems that flock my mind. I must prepare myself for another day of struggles. I must be firm!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hottub Chemicals: For A Safe Bath

I always remember what my parents, even my teachers in primary say, "take a bath everyday". Even if it is too hilarious remembering it now, it made a mark in my mind. Why we must always do bath? The answer is too obvious. It is for us to feel lighter, comfortable, fresh and clean. But we'll you still say that taking a bath in your tub, with bacterias and harmful organisms living there, will make you really clean? Yes, organisms may live in bath tubs. My professor told me. I am sure that you never now about it. And since you know now, take some actions. There cleansing agents like hottub chemicals, are made to get rid from these minute pests. It helps a lot in making you feel a lot more secure and safe. So why compromise? For a safer bath, everything is made for you. A simple tip, you must act now, before anything worsen.

My Music...My Life

A lot of music genres emerged in this generation. Some of them are really catchy, some are moving and some are tear-jerking. Actually, there no so, so music. It is just all about your preference. Whether you like it or not, all music genres are nice. Maybe not in you, but for some it is. But If you'll ask me what type of music I often listen, I'd say punk-rock music. "Emo" to. I just feel some kind of relief if I listen to this type of music. Boys Like Girls, Secondhand Serenade, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, Yellowcard are my favorite bands. They really always made me feel sick. But I don't know why still listen to them even if whenever they strung their guitar and sing, my heart is pinched I feel. Yes I admit, I am very emotional. I love the feeling of being down. I love being hated. I hate being alone but I love being isolated. Lots of questions flocking into my mind. My music is my defense. These music is my breath.

An Obama Fanatic

I hardly woke up this morning. I'm lousy, tired and can't help but to close my eyes for a few minutes even if I really have to stand up for I have to go to school early. I feel like I was down last night from a being drunk. Asking me why i am feeling like this that made me write this post? Well, last night, I slept at very late. It was around 2:00 o'clock in the morning when I get into bed. I have to wait for the TV special of Barack Obama's inauguration. I don't why I am very hooked with this person. I am waiting for what he has to say in front of billion people in the globe. But even if I had a very little time of sleep, it was worth it. I love his speech and his message. He is the one, I believe. I really hope that we'll all achieve the change that we all need and ever wanted. But that change will only be attainable if we all work together. Even if I am a Filipino and Obama is not my president, I still believe that I must help in order to achieve what we all wished.

Monday, January 19, 2009

For My Brother

I was once very fond of LAN games. I even skip meals and cut classes just to go to computer cafes. Well, that was before and I don't regret it. It is one of the happiest moment that I'll cherish forever. Who does not know Counter Strike? Even little kids know this. My little brother even asked me to search the net to look for updates about this game. And again, I wasn't failed. I found a counter strike bot download. Yeah, the game was fun. What is more fulfilling is, I've made my little brother even happier than me playing the game before.

Tip to Increase Blog Traffic

Are you really concern with your daily blog traffic? A lot of my friends asked me to give them some tip in order to generate traffic in their site. But, as a novice in this stuff, I can't answer them with certainty, because even I is struggling in increasing my traffic. Which means, that I and my friends share the same question that we have to answer. I ended up googling this question. I've read one tip that in order to increase your traffic, one way is to join new social network. In a way, this network will help you in generating a lot of readings. So if you wanna learn a lot of tips, just try the very fundamental step, join social networks.

Is He Obama?

I can't wait to see Barack Obama swearing to be the president of the said powerful country, the United States of America. In this very serious history marking event, we can still find humor to laugh at. It is not only Obama who is gaining fame in the world. A man named Ilham Anas, 34, an Indonesian photographer is dragged by the fame that the newly elected president of US have. If you really look at Anas at a certain angle, you'll really be deceived that his Obama. Yeah, it's a funny story. But for Anas, it is a very good chance. With his look, he starred in a pharmaceutical advertisement in the Philippines with the country's president impersonator "Tita Glow". In an interview, Anas said that if he'll get a chance to meet and speak with Barack Obama, he would ask the US president to take a firm stance in dealing with the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Prepare Halloween Costumes...NOW!

  Can you still remember what you did last year’s Halloween? I’m sure you did freaky, spooky and scariest things.You even acted like fortune tellers using fortune telling card. Well, if you feel that what you did is not enough, then prepare for it now. Maybe you’ll think that it is too early to do so. But I tell you, you’re even late in not doing so.  If you can’t wait for the Halloween parties, you can make your day frightening by using scary costumes.
If you feel like you want to scare your friends with killer-like costumes. Do so, as long as you can't impose threat to them. Let me tell you my funniest yet spooky story. Last Halloween, my older brother wore a costume that looks like the one in “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” movie. When he tried to attack and frighten me, I wasn’t able to control myself that I kick him and slap him in the face. It really made a mark. Though I was scared, I still apologized for being so brutal in a way. With his costume, he became convincing and really scary. Though he got hurt, he said it was very satisfying to him for he scared us to highest level.
If you’re looking for costumes that will really fulfill you frightening intention, I’ll give you a little help. I visited a site that has all the costumes you can ever imagine. The address of the site is I even discovered one little secret. They have a HAUNTED HOUSE backdoor where you can get great discount. Just go to their homepage, located at the right, half-way down, then click the brown comma in the statement that says “Our Store now has over 10,000 masquerade items for you to choose from!” Prepare yourself to scare everybody this year’s Halloween. But never harm anybody. Make that a promise.

Another Very Stressful Day

I woke up this morning with a very nice smile. No more rains which means no more mess. I expected and I wanted to make this day more enjoyable than yesterday. So I did my daily routine, fixed my bed, ate my meal, took a bath, then school. I arrived at school early so nothing to worry about being reprimanded or something by our prof for tardiness. I was assigned to report this day with a certain nose bleeding topic. But I'm worried and anxious no more for I'm prepared enough to present in the class. So I start presented my report with my especial partner. Never ask why she's special. I am not expecting that lots of queries will be thrown at me. I started to stammer. I feel like everything fell down and I got dumbfounded. I feel that I was so dull that a lot of questions are clouding my classmates mind. It was very stressing I swear. This day is really one of the stressful days I've ever had in my entire life. One lesson learned, "Expect the unexpected".

Are You A Car Fanatic?

A lot of my friends own a car, some of them have multiple of it. It is very inevitable that sometimes when we have trips using their car, technical problems happen that delay us. It is even funny when my friend does not have any idea how to fix his own toy. So he has to look at his manual which is very time consuming. Since we have wasted a lot of time, the trip was postponed and it is so dismaying. So, if one is really not that knowledgeable about his stuff, it could directly or indirectly affect the mood of his companion. And that is my own insight.

A lot of sites not that offers help to car owners. Most of the help is on the technical aspect. I even able to browse a site that do this help. I am even amazed that a new model of car has been introduced. The new model shown is the BYD E6 Electric Car. If I was not able to see the site, I'm pretty sure that I will never be aware about the new toy for us. So, to all car fanatics out there, if you have questions about your stuffs, lots of help are out there to look up. Internet has it all as they say.

At Last, My Friend Smiled

I consider this day as the most fulfilling. Asking me why? It is because, heavy rain already stopped and my friend smiled again. After one week exactly of not shining, he rose this day and shared his light. What a funny scene. All our neighbors went out just to hang their laundry which still wet for almost a week. How I miss the sun that this day is very worth celebrating. Now I realize what will you feel if you'll miss things you take for granted and even condemned before.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Looking for Home Mortgage?

In this time, in which the word is faced with a lot of economic issues, financial crisis and dooming economic status, one must be very resourceful in order to sustain his way of life. A lot of ways are very much available in right in front of our face. It is just a matter of smelling for it and grab the smelled opportunity. Despite the problems, there is no reason for you to be still, despair and do nothing. Because the answers are all there for to fetch.

Ive heard and even read that one of the common problems nowadays are individuals finding it hard to get home mortgages because of their bad credits. They even resort to agreeing into risky mortgages with higher rates by creditors. If your known to have bad credits, the creditor's instinct will pushed him to be more apprehensive about granting loans. This is my piece of word, those with bad creditors can look for mortgages that are sustainable to your needs. All you have to to is to be more patient in looking for programs to find mortgage loans that will work to your advantage.Never do things that will put you to a deeper list of debts. Instead, you must act in order to rebuild your credit.

Charice Pempengco in Obama's Inauguration

The world is very much agitated to see another changing event,the inauguration of Barack Obama as the new president of America. And it is very moral lifting to say that for the first time, a Filipino singer will be gracing the event. Yes, it is confirmed! Charice Pempengco, the world's singing sensation, will sing in front of Obama and millions of audience who will be watching the event through live feed. According to the report, Charice will sing two pieces. One of these is "God Bless America" and the other one is Whitney Houston's hit, "One Moment in Time". This 16-year old girl, who has been considered the most talented kid in the world, has already wowed the international audience in her appearances in the most famous talkshows and concerts in Europe and in the US. At her age, the achievements, standing ovations and praises that she got is unbelievable and amazing. Filipinos, including me, are very much proud of her. She's truly a Philippine pride.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Genital Warts? A Problem No More

Being healthy and staying clean are important factors to be considered in order to have a happy living. The living in which everybody wishes and prays to have.But will you consider yourself healthy and clean if you have warts. Yes, warts. How much more if it grows in your genital parts. This warts are called Genital Warts. I am pretty sure that only few have a little knowledge about this kind of skin disease, symptoms of genital warts, its causes and how it could be treated and more, its complication. A lot of stories recorded in which this wart, because of negligence, has resulted to a more problematic condition. Especially, if we talk about genital warts and pregnancy. Though for some, having this is a shameful thing to accept. But it have to be treated seriously before things get complicated. No matter how hard you try to hid, your little secret will eventually be hidden no more. It could even lead you to a more embarrassing experience, you could ever imagine. So why wait for that shameful event to happen?

There is a site that discusses about this kind of disease. Its a very informative site that shows information that is of great help to individuals who have this warts. This site is the They have all the resources and information regarding genital warts. So there's no reason to be still ignorant and no-how. Medicines and preventive measures are made available by professional involved. So worry no more about your warty secret. Freed yourself from shame, and worries. Act now and live happily.

Magic of Music

Have you ever asked yourself why music is there? Does it have any significance in our life?

Admit it or not, music plays a vital role in human lives. It can make you feel happy, can carry you away to sadness, can perk tears in our eyes. It can even pinch our heart. Have you ever questioned yourself how it happens? Personally, I call it, the "magic of music". I am very fond of listening punk rock music. Well, emotional music even. Why? Because whenever I listen to it, I feel like I'm lifted. Sometimes the feeling is unexplainable. Even if I really don't feel emotional, if I happen to listen to this kind of music, the mood swing is as fast as as a blink of an eye. I asked my friends if they feel the same way. And it was not. So therefore the magic of music depends on the audience. And it's you.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Looking for Cars?

I'm pretty sure that all of us dreamed of owning a car, even having a lot of cars. We're even choosy on what type of car, its design and its brand. Even myself wanted to have one. I end up searching the net and I found this very this New Ford car. Its a lot better than the cars I've seen in our place. Check it out to judge it by your own. Another list in my wishlist added, have a new car.

Moment at the Mall

My day is again so lousy. No sun, nothing that will perk up my energy. So, me and my friends decided to rendezvouz at the mall in this city. We're planning to go in our friend's house to do some assignments. We've agreed to be there by 10:30 am. So I woke up early for me not to be late. And yah, I wasn't late. I've waited for my classmates at the bench upon agreed. 30 minutes had passed, no classmate arrive. I was kinda pissed a bit. But I know that I must not be. So instead of wasting my time waiting for them, I enjoyed the mall by myself. I roamed around. Looking for newly open stalls. Observing people and eat a bit. And yah, my feeling got better. Until I heard my phone ring, my classmate texted that she's already in the mall looking for me. She explained why she was late and it was acceptable. But, my moment at the mall was incomparable I swear.

Safe Pills?

After the last year's holiday season, a lot of people nowadays share the same problem when it comes to weight. And that's on how to loss it. A lot of solutions the market has to offer. And one of it is taking pills. But the problem now is on how to know that the pills you are taking is a safe one and does not contain any side effects that could possible harm your body and worse your system.

Upon looking at the problem, I end up surfing the internet for the solution. There is a site that reviews almost all the top diet pills in the world. This site is the They do unbiased review of listed pills. It is a very useful site in assuring that the pills your taking is the right one and will never cause harm. It is something that we must recommend to pill takers for us to be able to help and prevent any possible harm that may caused by irresponsible pill taking. One piece of advice, before taking any pill or even medicine, check it first. Let us all thank for being there.

International Electronics Consumer Show...Very Techy

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One of the most anticipated event this year is the "International Electronics Consumer Show". It is said to be the world's largest consumer technology tradeshow. It showcased almost 2700 exhibitors all around the globe. I was amazed when I saw this one in the news. Personally, I really love techy gadgets. Stuffs like the largest hi-def TV, slimmest mobile phone up to the latest and hippest laptops. All that stuffs were showcased. I couldn't imagine myself in there, and being astonished by those incredibly beautiful stuffs.I know now what will be the first in my wishlist for santa this December. And that's to attent next year's International Electronics Consumer Show.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Flowers" For Men?

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Valentines Day is fast coming. This day is one of the most important day for lovers and even for every family. Some people even compare Valentines Day to Christmas for a lot of people expect to receive gifts from their loved ones.

Typically this day, most men expect to receive cards,aftershave , electronic gadgets or any "toys for the big boys". But never in the mind to expect to receive "FLOWERS". Do you never asked why? Maybe, some people say that if you'll give man flowers, he'll surely not accept it. But if he accept, he did it out of respect. But, it's never true. Personally, as a man (true man), receiving flowers will not make a man less than a man at the end of the day. Right? It's even more sweet and thoughtful for women to give her man flowers. Make each other feel, your valentine, that both of you are very important when this day come. So for the girls, never hesitate to give your man flowers instead of those typical gift items. And for the guys, never fail your girl. Enjoy each others company.

Consider Projects A Burden?

I don't know until now if I'll graduate this semester. Telling my parents about this is a hard thing for me to do. Projects to be completed, grades to be arranged and a lot of stuffs to still make. If your in this kind of scenario, will you consider these projects a burden? Please do some comments for me to hear your side.

Online Shopping Made Easy

Internet Technology is on its fast pace in revolutionizing human ways of living. It made human life better in terms of comfort, convenience and search capability. That's why a lot of sites that offer its product to the general market brags itself. But some of them doesn't meet what really human wants.

Shopping is one of the most important activity that everyone of us do. We'll never live by not doing it for sure. Shopping and technology is a very good mixture. The two if worked together will give humans comfort it needs. There are a lot of search engines that can search every online store in the world were made. Example, if you're Cosmetic and Beauty Tools to satisfy your beauty needs, you can let them find the best store for you. So there's no need to let yourself suffer and waste a lot of time. Everything is already there, all you have to do is to enter the products you wanted to shop, and gotcha! everything you wanted to know will be served. So shopping is not just made for fun. It is made easy.

My Days Are Still Cold

Its almost one week that this cold temperature shrinking our skin. According to the news, there's no storm or typhoon approaching. This is caused by the "tail of the cold front". Whatever the cause is, I still don't know how to spend my day with this kind of temp. Well, the temp really bothers me. In our place, who doesn't? We are not used to this kind of temperature. Honestly, I even miss the rays, the heat made by walking under the fair day. I wanted to see the sun smiling again. i can now say that most of us are not really contented with what we have. If the day is so fair, we wish to have rain. But if it rains, we wish to have sun. Maybe its not contentment I should say. It's all about balance.

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Satisfaction Is Never Out of Reach

Most humans were never satisfied or contented with what they possess right now, I should say. Before, many humans wishes to have things that they find very impossible to have. But today, what was impossible before is very possible to achieve.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Search For XML Superstar

In this era where computers are of great help in nation building and human living, programmers are of equally important in the community. If you are a programmer, there are a lot of ways in order to enhance the talent and the knowledge you've got. You'll skills will be improved through reading, practicing and by joining competitions that you feel you've got what it takes to join in. One of these contests is the xml contest. Who can join this event? This competition is for the students and even professionals. This competition consists of five different contests. Each contest offers its own recognition and set of prizes. As long as you believe that you have enough knowledge in XML and database technology. You are very much welcome to join. But, Before you'll be able to participate in the competition, you'll be first ask to answer a very quick quiz. And this short quiz doesn't require no prior XML or database experience to complete.

There are five contests in the competition. These contests are the Video Contest, Gadget Contest, Query Contest, Ported App Contest and the XML2 Contest. To start you must register in the contest you want to join in.

So if you feel you've got what it takes to be the next "XML Superstar", join now!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Weather Gets Emotional To

It's almost three days that the sun never smiles. Yeah right! Rainy days, mud are all over and it's such a mess. Everyday seems to be a boring and such a lousy day, but it'll be my day. In times like this, my cure is the rhythm of heart-melting music. Thunder by Boys Like Girls, Broken and Your Call by Secondhand Serenade, etc..The two belongs to my most listened bands. In times that the weather gets emotional, my heart, my mood seems to go with the nature's cry. I dunno what’s wrong with it, if there is. It’s just that I have this feeling of boredom, lousiness that I never condemned. Instead I wish. People may understand not. But this is how I feel, when the weather gets emotional.

President on Board

They say that surf boarding is a great fun. It's an adrenaline rushing sport. I'm pretty sure that almost everybody wanna try and be involved in this adventure. Well, the President is not an exemption. Yes, she love it to. And I believe that there's no problem with that. She still needs to enjoy and have time for leisure for she carries all the tremendous problems of the country. So why question? Do you question because she smiled in this picture? So what? Is it because the country is still in the midst of the crisis and she still spent time for this? That's being unfair. Recently I saw a news that featured a rally against the president. And they displayed a picture of the president same as the picture above. I guess there's nothing wrong with the picture if your thinking justly. All we have to do is open our eyes and see that the Her Excellency is still human. A human who still need to laugh and recreate.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The First Monthsarry

Today is one of the happiest moment in my life I should say. Asking me why? Well I woke in the morning with a smile. Hiding my real anxieties. At first I am so worried if she got no idea that this day is an important day. After all the days that we've spent with this commitment. I'm sure that she'll remember it. I wasn't wrong. When my phone rung, I saw that somebody sent me a message. At first, I never expected that she'll be sending me a message. Until I saw who sent me one. It was her who sent some greetings, "Happy Monthsarry". It's my first relationship that has gone this far. It feels like I wanna shout and brag to the world that i got a girl like her. yes the happiness is overflowing. It's our "First Monthsary".

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Feast of the Black Nazarene

Today is the feast of the Black Nazarene. Two celebrations were simultaneously done in Quiapo, Manila and for the very first time in Cagayan de Oro City in Southern Philippines. The black statue of the Nazarene was paraded in the streets of Manila. This year, the procession has changed its course. It started in Quirino Grandstand till it reached into the Cathedral of the Black Nazarene. It is very astonishing to see millions of people with overflowing faith flocking into the streets just to have a glimpse of the saint. You can see a lot of devotees bring with them hanky for they believe that if they'll touch this into the saint, they will be healed. A lot of stories of miracles, healings and "wishes-granted" echoed the procession.

Behind this overflowing devotion are pictures of people injued, busy ambulances and patrols. Even criminals are all over the place taking its chance to move. That's why a lot of people question this too much devotion. They even call it more of "fanaticism" rather than "true devotion". But we can not judge this people unless we put ourselves into their shoes. Fanaticism or whatever it may be. Respect is what matters.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Philippines: Asia's New Drug Haven

It is so sad to hear in the news that according to PDEA or Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, there are polls that show that Philippines is listed at the top as one of the countries with high percentage of drug abuse. Even though it hurts, its one of the true things that we must admit and for the government to act in order to stop this. According to PDEA, they've really do their part in enforcing the law. But, because of crooked government officials, the pushers are still at large. Drug abuse and bribery are two of the hottest issues in the Philippines that the government has to solve.

Have a Blog?..Get an Ad

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Royals in the City

I am so proud that the President of this country, the Republic of the Philippines, together with her cabinet secretaries, had her 1st cabinet meeting this year in Iligan City. Despite all the threats and natural calamities that hit the city, the big event still pursued. According to my research, the President was in her 3rd day visit in Mindanao in which she first graced the start of a construction of a government project in Iligan's neighboring province of Misamis Occidental. It is my pride as an Iliganon that a very important event of the country happened in this city, even if not all know this. it is just a sign that nothing is to be afraid of.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Living in the Philippines

Philippines - The "Pearl of the Orient" they say. Living in the Philippines is a privilege that every human in this world has to experience. Philippines is an archipelago in Southeast Asia composed of more than 7,000 islands. Every island has its own spot that the locals consider there pride. In my opinion, Philippines is a haven for people who misses paradise. One more thing, its a paradise with very hospitable locals. Philippines is also a haven for food-lovers (who doesn't love food?..hehehe) . Commodities in the Philippines are cheaper compared to other countries in this globe. Well, that's how I see living in the Philippines.