Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour: An Act in Saving Mother Earth

I'm so proud that our city, and our country as a whole, participated in an event that is of great help in saving the world. Texts circulated and words have been passed just to inform as many people as possible to cooperate and take part in this very significant event.
Later this night at around 8:30-9:30, the city (Iligan City, Philippines), was covered with blinding darkness. The electric company that supplies energy into the households cut the supply to show their support in this kind of advocacy. It is of great help in saving our mother Earth. Though it's only 1 hour of power outage, it created a great impact through 1 hour non-emission of Greenhouse Gases. And it's already a gigantic help in saving the world in its total devastation. I wish that next year, every human in this lovely Earth will take part in this event and be knowledgeable about world saving.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hardware Help

I've been lurking into blogs, forum and relative articles just to find solutions with my little, but not that easy problem. I was asked by my uncle to help my cousin out in his assignment. By the way, my cousin is taking up a vocational course in a school within this city. Of course, through the advent of technology, I ended up facing the computer and asking my friend google. Til I found a website that talks about pneumatic tools like, Nailers, fasteners, compressors and the likes. It really helped me a lot for it tackles mainly on the hardware thingy which I've been searching for. I thank much my uncle asking my help about this matter for it also helped me in a way.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Right Now Nokia Tag

My blogger friend David Funk dropped some message that he has some tag for me. So, I visited his blog and copied the tag. I'm so thankful that he chose me to be one of his recipient of this tag. This is the first one that I've received since I started blogging. Thanks a lot David for this first time tag. For those who haven't receive any of this, feel free to copy and pass the tagging.

The basic premise is this – answers should all be “at the current moment.”

Let's do this!

1. Where is your cellphone --- in my pocket

2. Your hair --- Short and black

3. Your father---at home

4. Your favorite thing --- blogging and blogging

5. Your dream last night--- I cried

6. Your favorite drink --- soda

7. Your dream goal --- to own a mall

8. The room you are in --- Living room

9. Your fear --- dying

10. Where do you want to be in 6 years --- At home with my family.

11. Muffins --- Pineapple

12. One of your wish list items --- to have the latest techy gadget

13. Where you grew up --- Iligan City, Philippines

14. The last thing you did --- thinking about my answer in this item

15. What are you wearing ---shorts, no shirt

16. Your TV ---TCL

17. Your pet --- None

18. Your computer --- laptop

19. Your life --- indescribable

20. Your mood --- same as yesterday

21. Missing someone --- my special someone

22. Your car --- invisible

23. Favorite mall --- Ayala Center Cebu

24. Your summer --- planning to spend it in an island in the Visayas, Philippines

25. Your favorite color --- black and red

26. When was the last time you laughed --- lastnyt while watching a fireworks display

27. When was the last time you cried --- can't remember

28. Last person who emailed you --- a comment on my status in facebook

29. Your favorite food --- "menudo"

30. A place you would rather be right now --- in the bar

I'm passing this tag to some chosen of my friends here in the blogging world. To leah, who has been so exhausted doing our project, to Sirei who commented on my latest post, to etherealheaven for being such a good friend and to Lingzspot for seeing her in person. For those who I haven't mentioned, your included here. It's just that it'll be too long if I'll mention yah all. Thanks again David.

Monday, March 23, 2009

"I'll March, For My Dad"

You know what guys why I am dying to do anything just to march in the isle and step up myself onto the stage?
If I were to ask, I'll never hurry myself in order to graduate on time. Because what matters most to me is the quality of the education I have. It doesn't mean that if I'll receive my diploma on the prescribed period of time, then I'm well-equipped and prepared enough to face the world of employment. I know myself better that anybody does, and that of I believe that I still need more time to feed myself with ideas and education related to my course. But, why is that I'm pressuring myself to march this April? The answer is that, "IT IS ALL FOR MY DAD".
My dad has been diagnosed with cancer when I was still in junior high. That was one of the most devastating turning points in our family. We have to look strong even if deep inside we're dying. We have to look happy, even if were saddened. That's how we fake ourselves just to make every moment with our dad happy. The doctor guessed that my father has only 5 years to live. Therefore, this year is his 5th year. Though it is hard to admit the painful fact, but I have to. I know that my dad also hide the pain that his infirmity caused. But I can feel and sense it in his eyes. The moment he bleeds, my heart bleeds too. I promised to myself that I'll make him proud of me. I'll let him see his son marching on the isle getting his diploma. It will be my very gift to my dad before the moment of conviction comes. But I don't think I can give it. I don't know how to say this to him. I don't want to give him more worries. And I know I can never hide it from him the way I hide my true emotions. I just hope that he'll never leave us without seeing me graduating. My only pray.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Graduation and Depression

Good day guys!
I have something to confess. Next week will be the final week for us graduating students. And it is so clear to me that I'll be marching on the isle not. At first, I thought that it'll be fine for me not to graduate on time for I'm still young and the fact that half of our batch couldn't make it, it'll be just very fine to me. So, I exerted no efforts in doing our thesis and in complying our projects. But now as the days pass as quick as thunder, I get very depressed. Seeing a lot of students bringing their togas and soon be practicing for their march, it kills me. Though I'm trying to hide this pain from my parents and to my classmates, I don't know til when I can keep it and not burst. I even got no idea how painful and depressing it is more on the supposed to be my Graduation Day. I even don't know what can I do to myself on that day. Will I hide in my room and sleep until the feeling is gone or just go out and enjoy the day even if it hurts. I know that I got no one to blame but myself. Yes, it's all my fault. I just wish that my team mates got no regret for teaming with me. I hope that I'll be sane the day where some of friends and classmates are marching on the isle and get up on the stage to receive their diplomas.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Searching for Credit Cards?

What's the best credit card in the globe? How it became the best among others? Few of the questions you have if you're planning to have your own card. Credit Card agents may have the power of persuasion through there very convincing talks. But you really need to compare for you to decide which card will you apply. Are you aware that through the advent technology, there are already sites that gives the customer relative information and a view of credit cards available on the web through comparisons. For instance, if you wanna know about the credit card balance transfer , the site will give you the information you've searched for. Do not be so impulsive that if an agent approached you and offer a credit card, be resourceful enough in comparing it with others on the market. Yes, it is undeniable that these cards really help. But it must be remembered that you must be responsible enough in using the card in any ways.

A Worthy Sacrifice

I've been very, very busy these past few days doing my stuffs. I'm so tired enough to cede but it's not the right time to do so. I have to do my stuffs in order to complete all my requirements. I have to sacrifice my sleeping hours and spend it doing. What is my only console is that after all these hardships is a scene of success. I must not get tired. I must not give up. I'm doing this for my family, especially to my mama and papa who are expecting a lot from me. Got to go guys, I still have a lot of things to do.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Yesterday afternoon, I felt like got nothing to do. Instead of wasting my time doing nothing (it was my break time), I opted to walked around the streets of our borough. I was hoping to be amazed with the surroundings and feel the air into my cheeks. But as I moved on, I was kinda dismayed with the scene. Concrete fence with rust stains. It was disrupting of the beautiful scenery. So I was wondering why they've never acted upon this form of scene obstruction. Since it was a mini-park with lots of trees, I thought that maybe spraying something into these stains to remove will affect the organic forms surrounding it.

I walked at home still wondering on what would be the best alternative to the solution of the problem. I ended up consulting google until I found a product that remove rust from concrete and its pure organic. Instead of using acidic solutions, you'll gonna use organic ones. It's the best solution I've ever found so far. Until I came to think, why I'm really bothered about the rust stains into the park's fence? Then, my mind answered, because if nobody will care, who will be?

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Goodbye to a KING

Today is one of the saddest days of Philippine show business. Why? Because another pillar of Filipino Rap scene collapsed. Francis M. who has been diagnosed with leukemia just last year died just this afternoon. Francis who has been tagged as the "Filipino Rap King" is one of my idols in the rap scene for his music usually depicts youth and the Filipino society as a whole. He even have a multiply account in which he's the one who personally put the latest news about his fight. He'll never be forgotten by Filipinos especially by me. Actually, I was shocked when I heard the news for I just saw him on TV few weeks ago and he looked like he's really gotten over. I know that wherever Master Francis M. now, he's happy. So we must be happy for him also that he had rest in peace.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Who Needs T-Shirt?

I've been very, very busy these pat few days. Overnight here, sleepover there, I got no chance of washing my own shirts. I didn't notice that I'm running out of clothes already that the next few days, I'll wear nothing. So I was thinking of buying new t-shirts just to cope with my need. I usually look up to the T-shirts printing. I love statement shirts and of course, it must be red or black in color. The problem is my allowance is just enough for my needs in fare, food and I only got petty savings. I still need to ask from my mom and I doubt she'll give me. The only remedy at this moment is to wash all my laundries even if my body dictates rest.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I Promise

This day is so great for me. No frowning nor dull moments. It's just that I was so happy, "never-minding" all the stressors that I got inside. So I came to think that if I made this day to be a joyful one, why won't I make my every day more joyous than today? Why not opt to be happy and forget all the worries and anxieties and just think of something happy? So from now on I promise to be not so "emotional". I really swear I'll be. It's better to wear a genuine smile than faking it. I don't know if tomorrow this promise will be kept. But my another promise is, I'll try my best to keep it. It's now time to help myself and enjoy every bit of my moment. Never mind all the problems for I believe we all humans have it. It's just a matter of severity or chronicity and of course the way we handle it. Now that I realized that it's all about choices. I promise to be the most jolly person you'll ever know.

How weather affects decisions?

Weather is an important factor in choosing the right place to live in. If you love freezing coldness, then maybe you'll settle in countries or in a state where temp goes as low as negative. But if you love not that low temp but not that high too, maybe you'll choose places with tropical climate. For the past few days, the weather in our place here in the Philippines has been so fair. The temp is moderate and I estimate it to range from 17-22 degrees celsius. But have you ever tried living in a "hot" place or would you like to live there it? I know that we all have different preferences when it come to choosing options and I believe there are people who love to settle in a place with a degree more than the tropical heat. I know there a lot of homes in Scottsdale that are built to accomodate those families or individuals who opted to settle there. Maybe if I find my place here in the Philippines as the best place to live in according to my preferences, people who live in Scottsdale, Arizona chose the place for they have a different criteria from what I have. It is so undeniable that weather really affects the decision on where to settle for good. So as early as now, set your own criteria.