Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Flowers" For Men?

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Valentines Day is fast coming. This day is one of the most important day for lovers and even for every family. Some people even compare Valentines Day to Christmas for a lot of people expect to receive gifts from their loved ones.

Typically this day, most men expect to receive cards,aftershave , electronic gadgets or any "toys for the big boys". But never in the mind to expect to receive "FLOWERS". Do you never asked why? Maybe, some people say that if you'll give man flowers, he'll surely not accept it. But if he accept, he did it out of respect. But, it's never true. Personally, as a man (true man), receiving flowers will not make a man less than a man at the end of the day. Right? It's even more sweet and thoughtful for women to give her man flowers. Make each other feel, your valentine, that both of you are very important when this day come. So for the girls, never hesitate to give your man flowers instead of those typical gift items. And for the guys, never fail your girl. Enjoy each others company.

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  1. Wow, really nice information and thanks for your gift guide. I also agree that now a days people are using flowers as gifts. You can also send flowers to india or any corner of the world to your near and dear one through e-commerce shopping portal.