Monday, January 26, 2009

My Heart Cries

Have you ever tried crying while others are laughing that hard?

Let me share my experience in this pathetic world I have. One night after school, it has been my routine to wait for a jeepney in a café here in the city. That time I saw two kids, lying on the ground, with their bicycle loaded with trash stuffs. It was pretty obvious that they are really super tired from scavenging things to sell. Maybe that’s the only way that they could buy a pinch of bread. Very sad. I feel like my heart is forcing itself not to bleed though I really want to. What’s very irritating is that the crews of the café kept on banging something, I think they used pan, to awaken the kids. They even keep on laughing as if they looked at the kids as clown. They were very insensitive. What if they were the kids, what if they got tired, really tired, and somebody will keep on disturbing them. What would they feel? Very insensitive. If I were rich, I’ll adopt those kids and show them the right path that their parents weren’t able to do such.

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