Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Star Maker: A Disaster

Another sad news was reported over the television. 5 lives were lost, 36 people are injured and millions of properties were affected. A fireworks factory was burnt into ashes this morning in the city of Trece Martires in the province of Cavite. It is so heart-pinching that the people died are only ordinary workers in the factory who were just earning not even enough. Who are gonna be blamed, the local government or the owner itself? Personally, both parties shared the responsibility of course. But for me, the local government of the concern city must be blamed more. Why? It is their task to check whether the factory followed all the requirements and safety precautions to avoid this kind of unwanted event. Others may say, nobody has to be blamed for it was an accident. But I believe this accident wouldn't happen if all the measures have been followed in which I speculated have been not. I really hope that local governments in the Philippines must act vigorously in order to achieve a better local community. Free from fear, anxiety and worries. I believe that a better local government reflects a better nation.

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