Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Life

I am dreaming of a happy life. Who never wanted it?. For me life is something that I have to enjoy for it is too short. But why is that sometimes, I feel life is so unjust. Is it just a feeling of insecurity or something? I dunno. My friends and classmates even call me too emotional. But this is me. This is how I perceive happiness. Happiness is all about being satisfied with what you chose to be.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Graduation?...Got No Hope

Almost everybody that I know, when i got to meet them along the roads, one of the common question that they all ask is that, "are you graduating this year?". Sometimes i get dumbfounded and get stammer in answering. Yes I am, but I'm not. For me there's only one determinant that could of course determine if I can graduate this year or not. And that's my Thesis. Hahay! I've already change my topic four times but still my adviser didn't approve it. What am I gonna do? My parents are expecting, as well as my friends. I'm sure for one thing, I'm still very HOPEFUL.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Got Nothing to Do

Got nothing to do this day. Even if I got a list of activities to do, I still feel got to do nothing. Is this a sign of being lazy or a sign of nothing?...hehehe...How should I handle this kind of behavior? Maybe I need someone to tell me or drive me to do something worthy. I'm still thankful that I got a blog on where I could say what I wanna say, that I can talk to if i got nobody. This is my mechanism if I got nothing to do so that I have something to do. Does it puzzle you?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

At last...A New Blogger Is Born

After years of lurking blogs, I've now come up with my own. I have been very fanatics of reading blogs, for I believe that it is one of the best sources of lessons, ideas and information that are of great help to us. In fact, I have a very close friend that is an avid blogger to. I don't know what comes after this. But one thing for sure, this is a new step for me to share what I feel, I experience and a venue to seek answers to my questions.

Welcome Bryan! Welcome to the world of online writing!