Tuesday, January 27, 2009

At Last

It has been almost 2 years long when one of the important people in my life migrated overseas. The moment she left is very unforgettable. It was very uneasy. I was used to see her outside our door, knocking and lookin for me. But when she flew, it was very life changing. I have to adjust with what was left to me. Even if it is so shameful to admit, but I will, I cried for few days. I even talked alone. That's how we're so close. And that's how I missed her. Now that I've adjusted, she called. Yes, at last. The feeling was unexplainable. Maybe the moment that she called I'm facin in the mirror; the happiness is so hard to paint. It was indescribable. At last the communication is back again. I thought it would ease what I feel but it even worsen. I miss her even more. But what is important is she called. And I'll make sure that the communication will never be broken.

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