Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Music...My Life

A lot of music genres emerged in this generation. Some of them are really catchy, some are moving and some are tear-jerking. Actually, there no so, so music. It is just all about your preference. Whether you like it or not, all music genres are nice. Maybe not in you, but for some it is. But If you'll ask me what type of music I often listen, I'd say punk-rock music. "Emo" to. I just feel some kind of relief if I listen to this type of music. Boys Like Girls, Secondhand Serenade, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, Yellowcard are my favorite bands. They really always made me feel sick. But I don't know why still listen to them even if whenever they strung their guitar and sing, my heart is pinched I feel. Yes I admit, I am very emotional. I love the feeling of being down. I love being hated. I hate being alone but I love being isolated. Lots of questions flocking into my mind. My music is my defense. These music is my breath.

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