Friday, January 16, 2009

Magic of Music

Have you ever asked yourself why music is there? Does it have any significance in our life?

Admit it or not, music plays a vital role in human lives. It can make you feel happy, can carry you away to sadness, can perk tears in our eyes. It can even pinch our heart. Have you ever questioned yourself how it happens? Personally, I call it, the "magic of music". I am very fond of listening punk rock music. Well, emotional music even. Why? Because whenever I listen to it, I feel like I'm lifted. Sometimes the feeling is unexplainable. Even if I really don't feel emotional, if I happen to listen to this kind of music, the mood swing is as fast as as a blink of an eye. I asked my friends if they feel the same way. And it was not. So therefore the magic of music depends on the audience. And it's you.

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