Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Very Stressful Day

I woke up this morning with a very nice smile. No more rains which means no more mess. I expected and I wanted to make this day more enjoyable than yesterday. So I did my daily routine, fixed my bed, ate my meal, took a bath, then school. I arrived at school early so nothing to worry about being reprimanded or something by our prof for tardiness. I was assigned to report this day with a certain nose bleeding topic. But I'm worried and anxious no more for I'm prepared enough to present in the class. So I start presented my report with my especial partner. Never ask why she's special. I am not expecting that lots of queries will be thrown at me. I started to stammer. I feel like everything fell down and I got dumbfounded. I feel that I was so dull that a lot of questions are clouding my classmates mind. It was very stressing I swear. This day is really one of the stressful days I've ever had in my entire life. One lesson learned, "Expect the unexpected".

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