Thursday, January 15, 2009

Moment at the Mall

My day is again so lousy. No sun, nothing that will perk up my energy. So, me and my friends decided to rendezvouz at the mall in this city. We're planning to go in our friend's house to do some assignments. We've agreed to be there by 10:30 am. So I woke up early for me not to be late. And yah, I wasn't late. I've waited for my classmates at the bench upon agreed. 30 minutes had passed, no classmate arrive. I was kinda pissed a bit. But I know that I must not be. So instead of wasting my time waiting for them, I enjoyed the mall by myself. I roamed around. Looking for newly open stalls. Observing people and eat a bit. And yah, my feeling got better. Until I heard my phone ring, my classmate texted that she's already in the mall looking for me. She explained why she was late and it was acceptable. But, my moment at the mall was incomparable I swear.

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