Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year of the Ox

Iligan City, Philippines - Welcome 2009!..I'll start this post with an observation, even if people say that we are in the midst of financial crisis, I never felt it this new year celeb. As a matter of fact the way our place celebrated it is more vivacious than the past years. This year will be the year of the Ox according to Chinese Calendar(?). Am I bothered?..hehehe..Why should I?..Hmmm..What's with the ox?..I mean, I couldn't describe what's with the ox that could make me predict in a way what will be this year.Anyways, our welcome of the new year was great. We've been able to see colorful fireworks display. Even if I fear firecrackers, but still I enjoyed being annoyed by its noise...hehehe...I expect this year to bring more fruits to me and to my family. Welcome 2009!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


It was one of the merriest Christmas I had in my whole life. I never thought that it'll be that enjoying and merry. As usual, we've got not that lot of foods, just enough. We're together for the first time. Me and my older brother got no trouble that time. Firecrackers outside were not that noisy as it was before (maybe because of the crisis, that people tend to realize that its just a waste of money). I swear, i was very happy last Christmas. And hey, it was the first time that my mom allowed me to drink with my cousins. Usually, drinking (alcohol, liquors, whatever) is a big NO, NO to my mom, but she smokes a lot..hehehe..My fear of having a lonely and so,so christmas was turned into the merriest one. That was my LAST CHRISTMAS!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Dunno What to Write!

Next day is Christmas and I even got no list of activities that I'll do. Hahay!..I feel that I'm so empty minded now. I even don't know what about I'm gonna write. is is a sign of dullness or simply a sign of insanity..hahaha..I hope it's not. Well, I went to the city this afternoon and I'm so glad that everything is getting back to normal after two very bloody incidents that happened last week. Now, I'll do brainstorming for me to list all the things that I must do for tomorrow. I hope i'm not that late. Good day!

Monday, December 22, 2008

3 Days more to go Before Christmas

Iligan City, Philippines - Hahayz, i can now feel the spirit of the season. Actually, I really don't know what to do that day. I don't used to go to church during that day. My friends are away to. Exchanging gifts are over. I seldom go for shopping. Can anybody here advice me what am I gonna do that day. Well of course Im at home with my family. But i don't used to bond with them. Hahay!..Even if the season is coming, seasonal worries come together with it (hehehe..). I need help.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Still Relax...This Disaster Will Be Over Soon!

Iligan City, Philippines - After all what happened in my beloved city, we all have to relax and feel this special season. After the atrocities that these pests (the rebel) have done. We all still deserve to enjoy Christmas, but with vigilance of course. One of the favorite getaway is the very famous Timoga Cold Springs. You will be refreshened by its cols, flowing waters. It is one of its kind in the Philippines. You can even dip your bottled drinks in the pool if you wanna make it icy cold to. So despit all the bad things that happened in this very beautiful city, we still need to chill!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Sad News...A Call for Peace

Another sad news rocked our city of Iligan. Two blasts happened this day that killed two and injured many. Hahay!..I can't imagine how these people (the terrorists I call) can still sleep at night. Our city has just been gaining again its confidence when this athrocity happened and I don't know how long will our wounded city recover. They say that the people invloved in the bombing are those who call for freedom or for self-rule. But I guess they've hit the wrong people. It just shows how coward they are. Attacking helpless civilians?, a coward move I believe. I'm now calling for everybody to move and do something for these. Let us all move towards peace. A goal that will be achieved through unity!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Truly Fantastic Falls

Iligan City, Philippines- Limunsudan Falls is a two-tiered waterfall located in Barangay Rogongon, Iligan City, Philippines, 55 kilometers away from the City proper. It is said to be the Philippines' highest waterfall with the height of 870 feet, with the lower part cascading alone higher than the Maria Cristina Falls.

I am very amazed with this one. From the city proper up to this site, you have to trek for two days, maybe because of the terrain. Even if I live in this city, I still got no chance to visit this fantastic place. This is one of my dreams that has to be fulfilled. Isn't it great guyz?..This falls claims to be the highest waterfalls in Asia. Truly Fantastic

Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Shot with a Native

During a tourism event in our city, there was a booth of one of the provinces in our region. The booth showcased their native's craft. The art is on weaving. I observed his work and it was so hard I swear. So as a remembrance, I got some pictures with the native together with my friend. The art rocks!

Pasundayag Northern Mindanao: A Showcase of Richness

Iligan City, Philippines - I'm so happy and grateful that something big happened in Iligan. It's the "Pasundayag Northern Mindanao". The event is a wellness tourism and cultural expo and was held at Gaisano Super Citi Mall in Iligan. So as a proud Iliganon, I went to the event and check it out. It was so amazing. I got to see different performances from different cities in our region. There was even a moment that I noticed my eyes got teary. I even more appreciate my place, the region and the country as a whole. I never expected that our region is as rich as the what they've showcased is. I even got some pictures with my friend and a native doing some crafts. It was so astonishing I swear. The "Pasundayag Northern Mindanao" event was a very great and significant experience.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mall Of Asia

Do you know SM Mall of Asia?..If youre a Filipino, you must. This is one of the most huge mall all over the globe. Situated in Pasay City, the seat of the Senate and the World Trade Center. After attending a convention in Manila, we never wasted a moment. Our first stop, SM Mall of Asia. This is just one ride from the hotel that we stayed in. It was my first time to visit the place but I've already heard stories and read articles about the place. I was very amazed when we got there. It was goddamn hude, I swear. A lot of stores inside that I haven't seen in our place. The mall is facing Manila Bay. So the place is very dramatic to. I'll never forget the experience I had in this tiredsome but very much enjoying Place, surely the pride of The Philippines.

1st Philippine CNA Student Congress

My bad, I was not able to update my blog for 1 week. You know why? Of course you don't and you won't unless I tell you. I attended a 2-day convention in Philippine Capital, Manila. It was the first ever Philippine Cisco Networking Academy Student Congress. It was held in College of Saint Benilde International Conference Center and Hotel. It was my very fun filled. All schools in the Philippines that offers courses under the Cisco Academy, participated in the said convention. We were 23 who represented our school. Well, we've got to meet new friends of course. I'm very proud that I am part of the event that formulated an organization that will represent the Filipino Cisco students all over the country. It was a spirit-lifting experience. And I am proud to be a Cisco student.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Manila, Manila..Im Going to Manila!

Manila, the Capital of The Philippines- Two days from now, I , together with my classmates and my professor will be going to "Manila" to attend a convention sponsored by Cisco Networking Academy. I'm very much excited for I haven't been there. I don't know what will be my first reaction the moment I set my feet there. I don't know if I'll be amazed or dismayed (I'm sure that tall buildings, skyscrapers can amaze me). We'll be staying in a hotel, Kabayan Hotel to be exact. Oh my Jeez, I don't know what to feel now. All I know that this feeling will be unveiled the moment we reached Manila. "Manila, Manila..Im Going to Manila!.

Super Amazing Tree

"Jeez, this is very amazing". I first saw this stuff in the news. This thing is really fantastic. The tallest floating christmas tree in the world. Ah, really great. With a weight of 500 tons, this is really huge. I really wanted to visit this one. But doing that means spending a lot of money since this one is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And Im in the other side of the world, in the Philippines. Well anyway, knowing that there exist such tree as this is already a spirit uplifting thing to me. For it shows what man can do and what human's intelligence can bring. This thing is the "Super Amazing Tree". You have to visit and see this.