Saturday, November 29, 2008

Its Truly Wonderful World

This is place like the "Garden of Eden" I should say. Its an evidence that Philippines is truly still the "Pearl of the Orient". I was really stunned seeing this magnificent place. Its about thirty minutes travel from the city proper. Even if you have to travel that far, the astonishment and the joy is incomparable. The water is very soothing. Its really cold I swear. Because its so deep, you'll not be allowed to go swim without a life jacket. Well, its for the safety of the tourists. I swear, you've got to visit this place. You will never regret!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pleasure Under the Sun

It always feel me proud whenever I get to visit the places that I've never into even if the temperature can burn my skin. As I browse my pics in my laptop, I found the picture posted above and I remembered the experience that I had during that time. It was full of astonishment, excitement and happiness under the sun. It was when we had our picture taking in one of the "barangay" in the city. It always amaze that there such a place that exists in this land. Even if I can't really open my eyes because of the heat, I can still feel the beauty of the place.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Iligan City: My Beloved Hometown

Iligan City, Mindanao- When people say and hear Mindanao, the first thing that pops up into their mind are atrocities, war, chaos and all the negative characteristics that they can connect into the name. They just don't know that they are very wrong. Not the whole island is covered by the darkness they perceive. The wars that they say are isolated cases and only happens in the most remote places in the island.

Like for instance, Iligan City which is located in Mindanao, is a peaceful city. It is my hometown and will always be. It is considered as the Industrial City of the Southern Philippines. Despite of its large industries, the environment is still not abused, the beaches are well-protected, as well as the forests. Maria Christina falls, one of the most famous falls in the Philippines, is situated here. The people living are peaceful loving people. They worked hand in hand to achieve the tranquility they wanted. Therefore, I should say, Mindanao having Iligan, is still the "Land of Promise".

Monday, November 10, 2008

Rainy Tuesday

Rainy days always make me feel down. All I wanted is just to sleep whole day. But I cant help it. I need to stand up, fix myself and my things. I need to go to school. Hahay!..I wrote this post in my classmates' apartment. Hehe..I have no where else to go but here. I have to spare myself from the heavy pouring rain. I need to protect myself and get rid with that annoying fever, cold, flu, etc. I hope that tomorrow will be a day with smiling sun. Another day of hope. Another day of my life.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Another Sleepless Night

Another sleepless night I had. A night spent with my friends by playing computer game. I'm thinking, what will happen to my health if I'll do this frequently. Perhaps thrice a week?..definitely, I'll be ruined. My health will be ruined. So before I'll have again restless night, I have to think more than twice if it has to be done or say no to my friends. But as a defense, I have to take vitamins. Iron perhaps?..But one thing for sure, I enjoyed the whole time being with my friends.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

LAN Game Overnight

Its a very tiring yet very enjoying time with my friends. We're nine in the group playing this so called COD (Call of Duty) in a cafe overnight. The game really sounds new to me that's why I joined them. Actually, for me the game isn't really enjoying for it showcases violence that I don't like so. Aside from that, I got dizzy with transition of the scenes. And most of all, its very exhausting, I got no minute of sleep. I swear. But despite of these odds, the best thing is the time that I've shared with my friends. Ciao! I gotta sleep.