Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Affordable Rolex Watch?

There are people who really love watches; of different styles, colors or even figures that suit to individual's fashion taste. Try to ask "watch-lovers" the brands of watches, I am sure they can name it all, if not all, almost. One day, my friend asked me on where he can buy trendy watches. He named "Rolex" to be specific. I told him that there are a lot of "Rolex-like" watches branded as Rolex which in fact its just a cheapy, trying hard, look-alike knock-off of the brand. It is even hard to determine fake from the genuine one. So I ended up googling it. I've found a lot of stores, even cyber ones that sell Rolex watches. But only one stood out. After checking out all sites, I'll name www.bestoftime.com as the best site to shop rolex watches. Why? It is undeniable that a piece of this watch isn't that cheap. Celebrities wear it. Famous personalities endorse it, so what do you expect? But in the above-mentioned site, they sell rolex watch at its most affordable price. How they do it? It's simple, very simple. According to the site, Best of Time offers like-new or pre-owned watches so they were able to avoid manufacturer's pricing control so that they forwared greater discount to its customers. That easy! So if your looking for stylish and elegant rolex watch, try to hop at its online store.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's with Party?

me in green cap
Who doesn't love party? Of course, everybody does love party. Especially if you'll gonna spend the whole time with your closest friends, relatives or to anybody. A lot of people asked me and keep on asking me why I love going out and have some drinks when in fact a beer or any drink for that matter doesn't taste good at all? What I keep on telling them is that it is not the drinks that matter, its the people you with. Chit chatting with my friends is my best way to keep my stress out of me. And moment with friends is boring if you'll just have sodas and snacks, a beer is perfect. Thanks to my friends who are always there and ready to listen to all my murmurs...hehehe...Keep on rockin' guys!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Solution to Your Web Hosting Need

As what my profile says, I am a BS Information Technology student, which in a way made me aware of some, if not most, of the latest and hottest technology offered and will be offered in the market. Personally as an IT “geek”, I and my group have already made lots of websites as part of our school projects or requirements. Technically, making one is hard for those who never want to learn doing it, but only a bit to those enthusiasts. If programs are already made, running and bug-free, the job doesn’t end there. One need has yet to be fulfilled. And that’s on how to make your website visible in the internet. The only way is through website hosting. If you are not capable of hosting your own site (too technical), then it is a problem no more. There are a lot of web hosting services offered by different parties. All you have to do is to check them one by one in order to find yourself the best web hosting company that suits your qualification. In this generation where transactions are can also be made even if your miles away, integrity and “name” is very much vital. If you are looking for party that offers web hosting, one of the names that really stood out in this business, and I personally suggests, is the webhostingrating. This company is already awarded by a lot of award-giving bodies all over the world. So quality, integrity and a “name” are question not needed to be asked. They all have them. Never compromise your site by engaging yourself in a web hosting company that maybe offers lesser price that at the end of the day leave your site ruined. Try to venture to those proven and trusted.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Goodbye to President Cory

This day is a start of a 10-day National mourning of he Philippines. Why? As what President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo considered as "National Treasure", Mrs. Corazon "Cory" Aquino has passed away. Who is Cory anyway? When she governed the Philippines and all those infamous "People Power Revolution" broke out, my mom and my dad is still in the process of my creation. I know her through books (History books), newspapers and of any other means. She is considered the first female president of the Philippines and of Asia, the "Mother of Democracy", a "Woman of Substance" and during her years, she's considered as the "Iron Woman of Asia". Yes, she has touched a lot of lives and has became inspiration for some. When the family announced March last year that she has colon cancer, a lot worried. But she didn't. Family and closest friends said that Mrs. Cory is very much prepared for anything that'll happen. Until the saddest moment really did happened. What is more touching is that, personally, I really feel how hard it is to have a family member succombs in cancer. My dad has just passed away May this year because of the same infirmity that Mrs. Cory has suffered. The pain is indescribable. She's a great loss. But the legacy that she has left will remain forever in the heart of millions Filipinos. Let's just all think that she's now happy back in the hands of the Creator. And that's something that's worth rejoicing.