Monday, January 19, 2009

Is He Obama?

I can't wait to see Barack Obama swearing to be the president of the said powerful country, the United States of America. In this very serious history marking event, we can still find humor to laugh at. It is not only Obama who is gaining fame in the world. A man named Ilham Anas, 34, an Indonesian photographer is dragged by the fame that the newly elected president of US have. If you really look at Anas at a certain angle, you'll really be deceived that his Obama. Yeah, it's a funny story. But for Anas, it is a very good chance. With his look, he starred in a pharmaceutical advertisement in the Philippines with the country's president impersonator "Tita Glow". In an interview, Anas said that if he'll get a chance to meet and speak with Barack Obama, he would ask the US president to take a firm stance in dealing with the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

pic from;_ylt=Ag0dJZEDv9SJVJ3iMuqwv16ek3QF

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  1. haha..hopefully Ilham Anas become the next Indonesia president.
    you can image what will happen when they meet.. LOL