Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Piece of History

Base on records and statistics, students feel bored and sleepy during their history classes. And I am pretty sure that we all experienced the same feeling. Why? It is because a history class is just like listening to tales, bedtime stories and fictions. Though it deals with reality, we feel like it's not that important to learn or remember. We sometimes take it for granted as if it doesn't serve any significance in today's time. For example who knows about holodomor? Maybe some still does remember, but I'm sure a lot can't fetch any memory about this piece of event in history. To give you a hint about this event, it is always associated with genocide or mass killing What caused the killing? Most of the people during that time, 1932-1933, experienced mass hunger in which the term "Golodomor" was defined. And for the whole story, you do your assignment. You should always remember that history is a part of our civilization. It can even lead us or give a hint to our fate in the future.

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