Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Window Shopping

When opportunity comes, never hesitate to grab it.
Now that the fare from this city into our more urban neighboring city was decreased by half I must enjoy it. And I took it as an opportunity to visit the place and feel the urbanity that the city can offer. Even if my money is only enough for the fare, I still go. Anyway, I have friends with me to whom I can ask if I'll need. And yes, we went to different shopping centers, malls and restos. I was really kinda depressed for I am not able to buy what I want or even eat what my stomach dictates. My only defense mechanism is the thought that at least I've been there and I should enjoy the place. So I ended up enjoying myself with window shopping. The experience is incomparable for I enjoyed the time with my friends and it is something to cherish.

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