Thursday, January 22, 2009

Face Your Fear

I am afraid!
We all have something that we're really afraid of. It could be triggered because of your negative experiences. Or it could just simply because of your very wild imagination. I may not look frightened, but the truth is, I am. I always look for something that I feel very challenging. Something that I feel could lift my spirit out of my body. I look for stories, those frightening one. Watch spooky movies to. I also read freaky stories like The Occult . In this way, I could test my limitation when it comes to this. Yes, the truth is I am afraid. But being afraid, I believe, will not make you less than a man. It is just a declaration that you reach your limitation. This is an act of being a true man. So why run from your fears? Face it and tell the world how brave you are.

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