Thursday, January 22, 2009

Five Minutes to Midnight

It has been a very long day for me. A lot of stressing activities I've met. But still I am here. Got nothing to say. I've been thinking of things that I feel will relieve the pain, the stress, the depression that i have inside. My friends know me as a happy one. Bubbly indeed. Yes I smile a lot. But this smile is just a mask that I use to conceal the pain that I hide. I wanna fit in. Right at this moment I am listening to my favorite band, playing my favorite song. In a way, I am relieved. But the moment this song will end, I dunno if it'll still be okay. I wanna wait the time. I wanna end this post five minutes to midnight. For this time, I believe the best time to free myself from all the anxieties, worries and problems that flock my mind. I must prepare myself for another day of struggles. I must be firm!

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