Monday, March 2, 2009

I Promise

This day is so great for me. No frowning nor dull moments. It's just that I was so happy, "never-minding" all the stressors that I got inside. So I came to think that if I made this day to be a joyful one, why won't I make my every day more joyous than today? Why not opt to be happy and forget all the worries and anxieties and just think of something happy? So from now on I promise to be not so "emotional". I really swear I'll be. It's better to wear a genuine smile than faking it. I don't know if tomorrow this promise will be kept. But my another promise is, I'll try my best to keep it. It's now time to help myself and enjoy every bit of my moment. Never mind all the problems for I believe we all humans have it. It's just a matter of severity or chronicity and of course the way we handle it. Now that I realized that it's all about choices. I promise to be the most jolly person you'll ever know.