Monday, March 23, 2009

"I'll March, For My Dad"

You know what guys why I am dying to do anything just to march in the isle and step up myself onto the stage?
If I were to ask, I'll never hurry myself in order to graduate on time. Because what matters most to me is the quality of the education I have. It doesn't mean that if I'll receive my diploma on the prescribed period of time, then I'm well-equipped and prepared enough to face the world of employment. I know myself better that anybody does, and that of I believe that I still need more time to feed myself with ideas and education related to my course. But, why is that I'm pressuring myself to march this April? The answer is that, "IT IS ALL FOR MY DAD".
My dad has been diagnosed with cancer when I was still in junior high. That was one of the most devastating turning points in our family. We have to look strong even if deep inside we're dying. We have to look happy, even if were saddened. That's how we fake ourselves just to make every moment with our dad happy. The doctor guessed that my father has only 5 years to live. Therefore, this year is his 5th year. Though it is hard to admit the painful fact, but I have to. I know that my dad also hide the pain that his infirmity caused. But I can feel and sense it in his eyes. The moment he bleeds, my heart bleeds too. I promised to myself that I'll make him proud of me. I'll let him see his son marching on the isle getting his diploma. It will be my very gift to my dad before the moment of conviction comes. But I don't think I can give it. I don't know how to say this to him. I don't want to give him more worries. And I know I can never hide it from him the way I hide my true emotions. I just hope that he'll never leave us without seeing me graduating. My only pray.


  1. this is such a very sad story bry........i could never imagine myself being in this kind of're such a........ ^__^

  2. this is very touching...
    i hope your dad can make it to your graduation day.

  3. God has purpose of everything... Have faith jud. K?... I hope maka overcome u. Emotional jau cia na part... I wish for the best sa imo & imo papa.
    Keep going.

  4. Haay... Have faith k Lord nalang. God has a purpose. I hope ok ra u.
    Sad story kau cia... I hope maka over come u. Keep going.

  5. That is so sweet of you Bryan, such a good son. I'm sure malipay imong papa pagmaayo sa imong graduation. Keep praying ans Stay strong.