Sunday, March 15, 2009

Graduation and Depression

Good day guys!
I have something to confess. Next week will be the final week for us graduating students. And it is so clear to me that I'll be marching on the isle not. At first, I thought that it'll be fine for me not to graduate on time for I'm still young and the fact that half of our batch couldn't make it, it'll be just very fine to me. So, I exerted no efforts in doing our thesis and in complying our projects. But now as the days pass as quick as thunder, I get very depressed. Seeing a lot of students bringing their togas and soon be practicing for their march, it kills me. Though I'm trying to hide this pain from my parents and to my classmates, I don't know til when I can keep it and not burst. I even got no idea how painful and depressing it is more on the supposed to be my Graduation Day. I even don't know what can I do to myself on that day. Will I hide in my room and sleep until the feeling is gone or just go out and enjoy the day even if it hurts. I know that I got no one to blame but myself. Yes, it's all my fault. I just wish that my team mates got no regret for teaming with me. I hope that I'll be sane the day where some of friends and classmates are marching on the isle and get up on the stage to receive their diplomas.


  1. Sorry you will not be graduating with your batchmates. In what part of your studies did you not make the grade ? What has to be done now to make up for this, do you take that class (s ) again next year to qualify you for your diploma and graduation ?

    Even though you may not be graduating, one way to face your own situation head on would be to attend the graduation ceremony as part of the audience and celebrate the graduation of your batchmates that are graduating.

    If you passed many of your subjects then it is not a total faiure, it is just that you didn't quite make it this time. I hope that you will continue your education and earn your diploma. For some people it just takes a little more time.

    Bob New York