Monday, March 2, 2009

How weather affects decisions?

Weather is an important factor in choosing the right place to live in. If you love freezing coldness, then maybe you'll settle in countries or in a state where temp goes as low as negative. But if you love not that low temp but not that high too, maybe you'll choose places with tropical climate. For the past few days, the weather in our place here in the Philippines has been so fair. The temp is moderate and I estimate it to range from 17-22 degrees celsius. But have you ever tried living in a "hot" place or would you like to live there it? I know that we all have different preferences when it come to choosing options and I believe there are people who love to settle in a place with a degree more than the tropical heat. I know there a lot of homes in Scottsdale that are built to accomodate those families or individuals who opted to settle there. Maybe if I find my place here in the Philippines as the best place to live in according to my preferences, people who live in Scottsdale, Arizona chose the place for they have a different criteria from what I have. It is so undeniable that weather really affects the decision on where to settle for good. So as early as now, set your own criteria.

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