Saturday, December 27, 2008


It was one of the merriest Christmas I had in my whole life. I never thought that it'll be that enjoying and merry. As usual, we've got not that lot of foods, just enough. We're together for the first time. Me and my older brother got no trouble that time. Firecrackers outside were not that noisy as it was before (maybe because of the crisis, that people tend to realize that its just a waste of money). I swear, i was very happy last Christmas. And hey, it was the first time that my mom allowed me to drink with my cousins. Usually, drinking (alcohol, liquors, whatever) is a big NO, NO to my mom, but she smokes a lot..hehehe..My fear of having a lonely and so,so christmas was turned into the merriest one. That was my LAST CHRISTMAS!

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