Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Sad News...A Call for Peace

Another sad news rocked our city of Iligan. Two blasts happened this day that killed two and injured many. Hahay!..I can't imagine how these people (the terrorists I call) can still sleep at night. Our city has just been gaining again its confidence when this athrocity happened and I don't know how long will our wounded city recover. They say that the people invloved in the bombing are those who call for freedom or for self-rule. But I guess they've hit the wrong people. It just shows how coward they are. Attacking helpless civilians?, a coward move I believe. I'm now calling for everybody to move and do something for these. Let us all move towards peace. A goal that will be achieved through unity!


  1. athrocity - the word! hehe..
    nice article! but the news..huhu..sad!

  2. Hi Bryan just checking I cant seem to find my link anywhere could you give me a link to that? yours is already done a long time ago
    sorry for the inconvenience.