Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pasundayag Northern Mindanao: A Showcase of Richness

Iligan City, Philippines - I'm so happy and grateful that something big happened in Iligan. It's the "Pasundayag Northern Mindanao". The event is a wellness tourism and cultural expo and was held at Gaisano Super Citi Mall in Iligan. So as a proud Iliganon, I went to the event and check it out. It was so amazing. I got to see different performances from different cities in our region. There was even a moment that I noticed my eyes got teary. I even more appreciate my place, the region and the country as a whole. I never expected that our region is as rich as the what they've showcased is. I even got some pictures with my friend and a native doing some crafts. It was so astonishing I swear. The "Pasundayag Northern Mindanao" event was a very great and significant experience.

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