Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Compliment or an Insult?

When people treat you like an immature kid (the picture I posted is exaggerated..hehehe) because you look younger than your age, is it a compliment or an insult? I’ve been to this kind of situation in which others don’t believe me that I am really my age. And mind this, this happened not only once or twice, but lots of time. For instance, when I was in a salon for a haircut, the barber asked me what year I am in high school. I told him that I am already graduating, not in high school, but in college. And he was laughing like I am telling him a lie. That was so shameful, if I have just with me my school ID that time, I’ll slap it in his face (just kidding…hehehe). Situations like this, how will you react? At first I treat it as nothing, but situations happened all over. So I find it not a small issue at all. Simple problem for many, but for me it’s huge. I’m looking for mechanism in which I can handle this kind of moments, that I’ll never get mad to these people coz it is not their fault at all. It’s my physique that says. Well, I’m sharing this because I got no issue to tackle for my blog, hehehe. I hope you got me.


  1. In situations like this, I usually try to turn the whole thing around to politely indicate or " imply " that they are the one who is mistaken.

    In a situation as you have described here I may have just replied something like " I am quite advanced for my age since I have just graduated from MSU-IIT, care to see my graduation picture ? "

    From taking a closer look at the pic you are showing in your Easter Blog, to me at least it does not appear that your age is that far off from how you look there. More than likely in the not too distant future your numerical age and appearance should equalize. Enjoy your youth while you have it.

  2. it all depends.
    i'll usually take it as a compliment