Friday, June 12, 2009


I miss my blog really.
I was lost again for almost four days in the blogging world for I was sick. At first I thought that it's just a simple fever than can be cured by self-medicating. A mistake that almost lead me "there". What I've learned from the experience is that I must live life right. Right in all aspects. Right in food, in manners, in valuing life and the likes. Thoughts like being not able to post again in this blog even crossed my mind. And that made me push myself to feel better. I wanna thank my friends, my text mates for being so cheering and consoling and who are still. Most of all, I wanna thank God, even if at first I doubt Him, for giving me another chance to live this wonderful life. Maybe if t9me will come that I'll really reach "there" what will I miss most aside from my family and friends, is this blog and my friends in this world. So take it from me, love life.

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