Friday, June 5, 2009

Startpage: Any Idea?

I'm sure a lot of bloggers love to multiply their readers. And myself is not an exemption. In fact (help me keep my little secret), whenever I do blogging in internet cafe's, what I do is that I change the browser start page in which most of them use yahoo or google as their startpage. I believe I'll not be punished by doing so, hehehe. That's it, just sharing my little (dirty?) secret.

1 comment:

  1. I have had my browser set for a " Blank " start page for a long time. When I used to use one I always wanted to start with something other than what I had as a start page anyway.

    Recently many ISP's here have been putting " usage limits " on their systems to help from having their systems bogged down by people who constantly download full length movies or transfer super-large files. I don't think I will ever excede the limit set by the ISP I use here ( 250 Gig per month ) but that is when I decided I really don't need a page comming up every time I bring up my web browser.

    In the case of a PC in an internet cafe, a " Blank " home page / start page might be a cause for confusion ?