Sunday, February 8, 2009

Looking for Affordable Eyeglasses

I am a 4rth Year Bachelor of Science in Information Technology student. So as expected, I spend a lot of hours facing my computer and reading relative books. But I wasn't thinking that it will have an effect to my health, most especially to my eyes. I wasn't responsible enough to be aware about this effects and how to prevent it to occur. So now, my friends told me that I should wear eyeglasses. They said that it is one of the best eye-problem solutions to have.

The problem is, I don't wanna wear eyeglasses. Why? For I believe that it will make me look older. But that was before. Now I discovered that there are eye wears that are fashionable and very trendy, that if you wear, you'll even look smarter or "fashionista". Have you guys ever heard about Zenni Optical? In an article in New York Times that tackles about how to have eyeglasses at a very reasonable price, Zenni Optical was cited. Why? Because according to the article, they offer cheap but trendy eyeglasses. They are one of the best opticals in the globe to be considered when you're looking for affordable eye wears.

Now, blurry eyes are a problem no more to me. Eyeglasses are really a big help and I thank my friends for the advice they gave. Protect your sight for it is the window to our soul. Never devastate it.

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