Sunday, February 8, 2009

What is a Polyglot?

What is a polyglot?
I am so astonish with what these people can do. In my research in the net, I've found out what a polyglot is. As far as my research is concern, a polyglot is somebody who is capable of speaking or writing a lot of languages. In short, linguists. I saw a TV special here in the Philippines that features these people. I am so amazed with this people and how they developed their skills. Though for others, it is a question of nationalism. But being nationalistic or patriotic, it doesn't mean that you are not allowed to study or learn any other languages. Specially, in the midst of competition in job hunting, where employers hire those who are not just eloquent in English but of other language, we really need to be skilled enough. Maybe you'll ask how they acquired this amazing skill. Some got it thru community immersion, which means they've live in that particular place where they've got the language. While others really went thru trainings. I swear to myself that I'll really take seriously my interest in Japanese Language. Even if its just self-learning, but at least I'm trying my very best to achieve this goal that could possible bring fortune to me.

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