Sunday, February 15, 2009

Life is Unfair

Have you dreamt of getting rich?
I don’t wanna sound hypocrite so I admit that I am one of those who dreamed of owning vast farms, condominium units, sports car, bloated bank accounts and successful business venture. But I know that it’ll only be in my dreams. I am just a nobody who own nothing except for some piece of cheap Chinese junks. I don’t even have my own PC knowing the fact that I am taking up a computer-related course. I once own a given laptop but somebody took it away. And I can do nothing against that somebody, for that somebody is my family. What I really considered mine is my passion in writing. Sometimes I even feel like giving up my hobby in blogging for I have to walk far just to rent an internet-connected PC to satisfy the call of passion. Can you now blame me why I call life unjust? Maybe others would say that I have the shallowest reasons on why I’m calling life such. But I know that they’ll never understand me unless they’ll step into my shoes and have a taste of my miserable life. I know that I am not the poorest entity in this world, but the miseries I felt and the hardships I’ve experienced are enough for me to give up. But I must still have hope, for my family depends unto me. If I end this all, my family’s future will also come to its end.

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