Sunday, February 15, 2009

How Did You Spend Your Valentines Day?

How did you celebrate your Valentines Day?
I'm sure most of you spent the day with your special someone, your friends and your family may be. I planned to spend the day with my girlfriend only. But the plan was forgotten for we've celebrated it with our friends. I wish I have some photos to post but my friend who has it hasn't shared it yet to me. I'm expecting that if we'll celebrate it with our friends, my day will be ruined. But what happened was the opposite. It was one of the happiest valentines I have ever experienced. We went to the mall and watch an acoustic competition where my girl's sister is one of the competitors. We had a dinner then we went to CALTEX (a gas station/bar) to end the day with beers (hehehe). It was one of the few days that I felt happiness. I went home 1:00 in the morning bringing the memories of the day.

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