Monday, February 16, 2009

Lost your PR?

How important is Page Rank to you?
I guess, everybody who owns a site wishes to have a higher PR? Why? Well, of course it is one of the measures on how successful your site is. When I started blogging, I don't have any idea about it until my blogger friend told me about it. So I was so determined to update my blog, do some exchange of links, and the likes. I wasn't failed, Google gave me a PR 2. The satisfaction was immeasurable that time when I knew about it. I know for the fact that it isn't permanent for anytime it will be taken back or if lucky be better. So, to avoid losing my PR, I did all the things I have to do and avoid posting all the stuffs that will trigger the taking back of my rank. But last day, it was so dismaying to know, I went back to PR 0. I really don't know the reason, for my visits are a lot better than before. I got no paid post that Google can track, for I only have those that have no trackers. I'm really disappointed. The feeling is like a slap on the face, very depressing. But on mind, there's someone that tells me that it's just a number. Hell with that PR. As long as I have my blog that I can use to convey what's on my mind and be an outlet of my emotions, I'm still a blogger at the end of the day.


  1. i lost my PR too! I had PR 2 before! I got frustrated too because I need that for paid posting. :(

  2. in my opinion google PR just a tool for make money from blogging

    the real important I think the content of the blog

  3. Oist.. so sad naman... Cge lang maka recover rka.. Mubalik rana... hehehe Good fighting spirit huh...