Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Journey to the Top

Last holy week, my friends and I had our own way of remorsing. I dunno if they considered it as a penitence, but for me it was. Wednesday evening, we started mounting the highest peak here in Iligan City, Philippines which is Mt. Agad-agad. It is more or less 1,900ft. above sea level and for me it is really not that easy to summit for the terrain is so demanding that you really have to be focused or else you'll end up rolling down. We started our journey at exactly 6:47 in the evening. We're very lucky that time for the moon was in its full phase so it wasn't really that dark. It was a long walk. And it was not that easy walk like your climbing a ladder or strolling in the park. It was a hard one that you really even have to use your hands in climbing up. Yes, it was dangerous. We've got no ropes or something. All we have is the excitement and the determination to summit. We spent more than 2 hours in climbing up. But it was so rewarding. We've got the nice view of the city. I'm sure it'll never be the last time. We're planning to have a season 2 of our climb.

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