Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Search for Serenity

I am so stressed, exhausted and depressed these past few days. I had irregular sleep for almost 3 weeks now just to do all the requirements and stuffs. I have to sacrifice hanging out with friends and I believe chilling out isn't their priority as of this time. I believe that I deserve to relax and freed my mind with these school-related dilemmas. I was looking for a place where I could find peace and release all my anxieties.
I'm an active forumer of a site that features threads of different cities here in Mindanao, Philippines. As I was browsing, my eyes were captivated with the pics of a certain place. A campus, Mindanao State University in particular. I've told myself that I need to be there and feel the serenity of the place. So, I went there alone bringing only my jacket. I arrive there late in the afternoon. I swear, the place is so relaxing that I forgot all my problems and all in mind is to enjoy the nice place. The place that time is foggy that you'll feel your an inch away from heaven. It was one of the most relaxing places I've ever been. Thanks to my co-forumers for giving me a bit of info of the place.
Info: The Campus is the main school of MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology where I am studying. Both campuses are under the same system.
A lot of thanks to IBEX for the pics.


  1. ohhw.. so this is what msu-marawi looks liek.. so nice.... peaceful au awon.. lol..
    mura ala gubot.. ahaha...

  2. wow.. nice man d ai ang msu marawi bry noh?? hehhe tnx sa post...