Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Affordable Rolex Watch?

There are people who really love watches; of different styles, colors or even figures that suit to individual's fashion taste. Try to ask "watch-lovers" the brands of watches, I am sure they can name it all, if not all, almost. One day, my friend asked me on where he can buy trendy watches. He named "Rolex" to be specific. I told him that there are a lot of "Rolex-like" watches branded as Rolex which in fact its just a cheapy, trying hard, look-alike knock-off of the brand. It is even hard to determine fake from the genuine one. So I ended up googling it. I've found a lot of stores, even cyber ones that sell Rolex watches. But only one stood out. After checking out all sites, I'll name www.bestoftime.com as the best site to shop rolex watches. Why? It is undeniable that a piece of this watch isn't that cheap. Celebrities wear it. Famous personalities endorse it, so what do you expect? But in the above-mentioned site, they sell rolex watch at its most affordable price. How they do it? It's simple, very simple. According to the site, Best of Time offers like-new or pre-owned watches so they were able to avoid manufacturer's pricing control so that they forwared greater discount to its customers. That easy! So if your looking for stylish and elegant rolex watch, try to hop at its online store.

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