Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Love of Siam"

Have you ever experienced being moved by a movie that you've expected will never moved you?
Have you ever watched "Sassy Girl", "Windstruck", and "The Classic". These are the few movies that really made me feel that love is really something. Aside from Filipino and Hollywood movies, I'm fond of watching Korean movies. Why? Because it's so emotional, very true and really moving. Movies that are you can never forget as long as you live and you'll never tired of watching it all over again.
My very close friend introduced a movie that is a "never-heard" to me. The title is "Love of Siam" and from the title alone you one can say that it's a Thai movie. I've never watch any Thai movie except "Ong-Bak" and the original version of "Shutter". I got curious about it so I ended up watching the movie along with my friends. I tell you, the story is perfect. It really talks about reality. The background music is very match to the scene. Even if the movie is 150 minutes long, no boring moment, I tell you. You can pick up a lot of lessons and heart-melting lines from the movie. You gotta watch it for I'm sure you'll love it. A salute to the director and the story-maker of the movie. And to the actors as well for they fairly acted the roles. "Love of Siam" is now at the top of my "Most favorite movies" I've ever watched so far.


  1. wow.. gus2 ko mutan-aw ana aist.. kinsang Cd? hehehe Yngantz.

  2. Thaa bawk waa phleng nee daeng jae thur thur jai chua mai...

    Hehe, OST ng LOS. I've watched this. One friend told me to watch. Great movie. Very family friendly. :D

    BTW, memorize ko ang lyrics in Thai. Hahaha.