Monday, February 16, 2009

What is an "EMO" to You?

What should I feel when they call me “emo”? How should I react?
When somebody call you such, what does it mean to you? Emotional? Yes, I am. But, they’ve never seen me crying. I don’t look lonely either. Maybe because of my words?, but I believe, it is not enough. I don’t wanna be called such. I don’t know why I feel irritated and pissed whenever they label me that. Will I be angry which sometimes I am. Or just don’t mind them and not get affected at all? All I know is that even if I’m lonely, I hide it. Even if I am sad, I am not weak. And that my patience has an end.


  1. Hi,
    You seem to be in a better frame of mind! That is right, tell others to mind their own business. Now who is there who can claim to be satisfied with whatever they have. I feel no body is satisfied. And that is the reason why everyone is busy working on some thing or the other. Suppose you feel you are satisfied with all that you have got! That is the end of life for you! The reason is YOU HAVE NO REASON to work for any thing!
    Now there is a clue here for most of the things you feel and write about!