Sunday, July 12, 2009

Its Coming Up

pic from Angelofdeath341x
Oh my Gee! Few days form now, I'll become a year older. I only have few days left to enjoy myself as a teenager. It sounds very depressing for me. I'll be turning 20 and I feel like I'm so old already. Actually as usual, no plans for that day. I'm used to spend it at home feeling like it's a normal day. Of course, texts of greetings from my friends will fill my phone. Am I expecting? I hope I'm not...hehehe..Anyways, this is my first birthday that I have my blog. Will blogspot greet its bloggers like forums? I'm a bit excited but depressing really. I dunno why. Maybe it's because I'll never be called teenager. What's the good thing about beeing a teenager?..hehehe..A lot. Anyways, for those who haven't read my profile, my birthday is on July 17, that's Friday, party day. I hope that since this is my last birthday as a teenager, it'll be something very memorable, something special. I hope my friends will help me achieve this simple wish. And my personal wish is (secret)...hehehe..


  1. Hello, you will be more strong, smart and success now. Teenager not always good, now you will be more wise in respect of life .

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  3. wow! advance happy birthday! wag mo kong kalilimutan sa handaan! hahaha! joke lang! marereach mo rin yang wish na yan.. marereach as in makakamit hahahhaa!

  4. Happy Birthday to you Bryan. I hope you will really celebrate your last day as a teenager or should I say your first day as an Adult ?

  5. Hi friend u r blog nice...pls cm again by indianrocksstar

  6. happy birthday bryan! papansit ka naman o stapegi kaya...