Thursday, April 16, 2009

Susan Boyle: She Made Me Cry

I'll be honest, I really hate crying. And if I did, I hide. I don't wanna let others see me falling down and so pathetic. This is me.
One day as I surf the net for news, a line caught my attention. The line says that someone shocked Simon Cowell. Who doesn't know Simon? American Idol? Britain's Got Talent? So I wasn't satisfied with just that line, so I really opened the link and read the whole article. And I saw an old woman, in front of the three judges, auditioning in Britain's Got Talent. Yes at first look, you'll really say that she got nothing to show. Human nature! As I watch the video clip, I was silent. I was stunned. She was so unbelievable. I became quiet. I cried. Really cried. She's so amazing. She's Susan Boyle, 47, unemployed and from a village in UK. In the video, everybody, including the judges and the hosts were shocked and almost cried. They gave her a standing ovation that she really deserve. I can see an innocence in her Susan's eyes, and her voice is so angelic that nobody will dare to criticize. I wish her the best of luck and her win she deserve. She's a living testimony that we shouldn't judge a person by appearance. But the ability and the kind of person he/she is. She'll be a mark in my mind and in my heart that no matter what people say, we should believe in our self and own ability.

watch the video here


  1. Thats true. shouldn't judge a person by appearance. You don't know whats next to her/his life. Good post!

  2. she really has an amazing voice :)

  3. hi, i have a post about her too. a lesson on cynicism....