Sunday, April 26, 2009

How Hard

Behind my bubbly look are difficulties, hardships and struggles that I am trying to conceal. A lot of people say, it is us who made choices in our own life. That it is up to us if we wanna live it joyfully or in any other way. But I tell you, if you’re in my shoes, you’ll really say that it’s not only you (us) who’ll make your life, because if it’s only me who’ll gonna make choices, then I’ll always choose the best option.

How can I be really happy if whenever I got home, all I can hear is my father’s struggle with his infirmity? That I am so helpless and couldn’t even alleviate his pain. I’d even rather stroll outside than seeing my family crying because of helplessness. Yes, believe it or not, I may not look or sound one, but I belong to those Filipinos living below. I’ve been so very grateful still for I got friends (Yvette, marky and augrae especially) who’re there, letting me use their PC for this blog, lending me some penny if needed and best, listening to me if I need some ears. The question is, if all of these are just trials, when will it end? I even think that it is no longer a trial but a picture of how’s life is unjust. I really hope that I could stand with all of these and not fall in despair. I got a new bestfriend, who really listen to me and makes me feel lighter, this BLOG.


  1. Yes, sharing what you feel, and knowing that somebody listens somehow lessen the pain. Will pray for you :)

  2. Sometimes when it seems so many things are going against us if you can think of a few or even only one thing you can be thankful for then build your thoughts on that it can help to balance out the hardships in life.

  3. Bry, just remember that "which does not destroy us will make us stronger.

    Ana jud na ang life. Lisod usahay.

    Sooner or later, when you look back, you will be proud of yourself for being tough.

    Smile Na :)

  4. Some people turn to god..try daw. Actually, have no idea how it can help. hehe :)