Sunday, February 1, 2009

Importance of Blog Directory

When I started blogging, the first tip that my blogger friend told me is that, I must register my blog into blog directories. More directories registered the better. I ask him, what's with a blog directory that a blogger must register himself? Well, he logically said that for a blog to be known and be recorded, it must be registered. Yeah, he's very right. As what they say, "No man is an island" and that applies to blogging. You should indulge your blog as a blogger in to different directories. It's like registering yourself before entering into a community. Blog directory offers you convenience. You can easily submit your blog. It also helps in driving traffic into your site. They choose a blog of the day in which determined by the unique visitors you have. And the chosen one will get the traffic of the directory itself. To sum it up, blog directory is a great tool in enhancing you daily traffic which determines how successful you are as a blogger.

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