Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm Pissed

They say that I am too emotional. They say that I am too weak. They say that I am coward. They say that I am a loser. But I am not. I may be crying but I am not too over with it. I may be sad but I am not coward, I am not weak. I take all those comments with an open mind. Thinking that they'll be over it to. But I never expected that my patience with this matter has and end. Yes I am pissed. I am annoyed. I wanna cry out. But I don't want anybody to hear this my mourn. They just don't know how victorious I am. They just don't know how brave I am. If I just have a chance to tell the world that the true loser are those people who couldn't understand me, I'll grab it as if I'm yearning for it. Yes, I wanna fit in. Who doesn't wanna fit? But fitting in means pretending to like what you really don't. Fitting comes with going with the flow even if your current is the opposite with it. When this will end?

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  1. Hello.. labay lang.. sorry huh.. la tka na add dayon.. k ana mn c marky na dli mg add ug la PR. hehehe sensya na. G add n u s q 2 ka blog. au2.