Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Blog, My Life

Most of the bloggers I know have their own internet connection at home. They say that it is one of the requisites in order to be a certified blogger. Lucky for those who have their connection at home. They don't need to queue in internet cafes just to rent for a PC and enjoy blogging. My story is very different. Maybe I am one of those bloggers who still patient enough to go to cafes and do the hobby. I have to walk from home to this computer house just to write. It takes a vigorous passion just to be able to sustain this routine. Yes, at first I was motivated to do blogging for the reward that it can offer to me as a writer. But I learned to love it. I feel like I'll be sick if I miss one day posting in my blog. Though I don't have the equipment to sustain this intelligent hobby I consider, I still hopeful that I'll never be tired. I love blogging. Blogging is part of my life. Without it, I will be a man walking in one leg.

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