Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Iligan City: My Beloved Hometown

Iligan City, Mindanao- When people say and hear Mindanao, the first thing that pops up into their mind are atrocities, war, chaos and all the negative characteristics that they can connect into the name. They just don't know that they are very wrong. Not the whole island is covered by the darkness they perceive. The wars that they say are isolated cases and only happens in the most remote places in the island.

Like for instance, Iligan City which is located in Mindanao, is a peaceful city. It is my hometown and will always be. It is considered as the Industrial City of the Southern Philippines. Despite of its large industries, the environment is still not abused, the beaches are well-protected, as well as the forests. Maria Christina falls, one of the most famous falls in the Philippines, is situated here. The people living are peaceful loving people. They worked hand in hand to achieve the tranquility they wanted. Therefore, I should say, Mindanao having Iligan, is still the "Land of Promise".

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