Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Biggest Frustration

In my entire life, I always dream of gaining massive weight since I have never tried to have that "healty" look. I am not really that thin, but I also want to try and want to feel to be "chubby" even just for a moment. I want to see if I look good if I'm chubby or I have to be thankful that I'm framed like this. Some people are envious because no matter how much I eat, I don't feel any changes in my weight. And that makes me more frustrated. No matter how hard I try, it's really not working. I took vitamins, food supplements and all possible ways in terms of medication to help me achieve my goal, to look healthy. The irony here is, there are chubby people who are also trying hard, exerting all their effort, just to loss weight. A lot go to gyms, or have their meal measured, or even buy weight loss bars and do their weight-loss routine at home. I sometimes wish, that I hope one day, I'll live a life like them. Kinda weird right? But for me, I just want to try it even just for a day. Some say, "be careful on what you wish for". But I say, "be in my shoes and you will know what I mean".

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2NE1: The Queen of K-Pop

If you don't know 2NE1 yet, then try to google the name because it'll take more than a page to discuss about the group (hehehe). Before laying down in bed, I usually surfed the internet for new kpop news. Yes, I'm an avid fan. A lot are asking me, why I'm a die hard fan, when in the first place, I don't understand the lyrics of their songs since it's in Korean. And I said, music knows no language, if it's good, then it's good, no matter what language it is. You don't have to understand the lyrics of the song, as long as you feel the beat and the melody, and it captivates you, then that's the kind of music for you.

One day, when I hopped into youtube, I was totally surprised to see my favorite kpop group (especially Park Bom), 2NE1, on its front page. It featured its newest single, I Am the Best, which is a techno-hiphop song. Of course, with no hesitation, I clicked the video to watch it. And it's not surprising at all, that the song is real good and ultimately catchy. Hail to the Kpop Queen- 2NE1! And now, the song is played on my PC like daily, and I never get sick of listening to it (neighbor thinks im insane..hehehe). I hope 2NE1 gets more views because they deserve all the recognition.

If you wanna watch their latest music video, click this link --->

Thanks! I'm Totally Back

Just learned from a friend that Google updated Page Ranks, so as always, I check my blog to see if there's any improvement with my rank. It's been a year that my blog's rated 0 (zero) and made me feel like I'm less appreciated. I know it's not the case, but I just feel like nobody's reading my articles. I always love to write, since I was a kid. And blogging is the only way for me to rant and to vent out what I feel. It's been so long that I have an article posted on this blog. And I feel sorry about it.

I swear, that from now on, I'll make it a daily habit not to sleep without posting an article. It's good to be back!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Valentine Ideas

Valentines Day is coming and I am sure that a lot are now very much agitated for this very special season for lovers. If you have doubts about your ideas that day, why not look for suggestions or advices. You can ask your friends, family or even consult the internet. Actually, there are Valentine's Day Gift ideas for Romantics that can be found in the cyberworld. All it takes is patience and perseverance just to show your love to your special someone. Try to impress them with your presence. Good luck!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Im Back into this Fun World

I missed this a lot. Writing stories, sharing my thoughts and keeping in touch with my blogger friends, i definitely miss blogging. After almost a year of being silent, it's the best time to be refreshed, renewed and do the thing that I love doing the most. Blog, blog, blog!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Collect and Collect

People have different likes, hobbies and turns, of course, for we are born to be unique individuals. There are those who loves adventure so they often opt in going out and indulge themselves in outdoor activities.On the other side of the spectrum, there are who just love to be alone, sitting in the couch, listening to their favorite music that pampers their ears. We think differently, live differently and destined in various ways.

Have you met people who love collecting things? Or you, yourself do it? I got a lot of friends who are item collectors. Some collects bills from different countries all over the globe. There are who love gathering shells, post stamps, coins and even things that may seem weird to others. People who are obsessed in collecting items even invest a lot in order to satisfy their obsession. So now for those who find it hard to acquire the stuffs for their collection, internet is a big help. You can now shop for any collector's items over the net. So convenience is just a click away. Am sure a lot of collectors are still eager to append another collectibles on their cabinets, closets and the likes. As long as that's what gives you happiness and fulfillment, collect, collect and collect.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Power of Power

Energy is what we need in order to do daily tasks in order to live. Without it, life is will be defined as impossible. There are a lot of forms of energy. But talking about power, electricity pops out. I've heard from my friends living afar from this southern island that they have been experiencing power failures due to some technical reasons from their providers. They confessed that it's like they're living in hassle-full way. There are things that you couldn't do for it requires power. It has been like life had stopped. But the best solution to this unexpected dilemma is to exploit the market of technology. Generators, the best alternative source of power is the answer. Ever heard about generac generators? It is one of the leading brand when it comes to this line of equipment. So there's no more reason for you/us to blame power interruptions or outage in any hassle that it may bring. The solution is a click away.

Tomorrow is "New Moon" Day

I now a lot are very much agitated,for tomorrow will be the New Moon Day. This is one of the most anticipated movie of the year. For R-Patz fanatic and K-Stewart lovers, for sure, you'll gonna meet each other tomorrow in cinemas or even in internet forums. It is a sure super hit. I'm sure you'll be watching, so jump in to your bed early so you'll have an earlier New Moon day tomorrow. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Own Style for Your Own Stuff

We all want to have our own, distinct and unique identity. We even show through the stuffs we own. Some show their personality through their cars. For gals, they want to reflect themselves through their fashion and style. There are even others design their own homes just to suit to their taste and identity. For motorcycle fanatics, like me, is not an exemption. We all want to look our stuffs that it will speak of our personality. there are people that really soend a lot just to customize their cycles. Some even dive the depth of the internet just to look for stuffs that will make their stuff look good. For those who own harleys, looking for harley accessories is even made easy. So there is no way for you to say that customizing your own stuff is not easy. Have your own style for your stuff.